Life without jealousy, comparison and perfectionism looks pretty good.


Hi I'm Kate and I'm a life coach, writer, & intimate event facilitator.

And I’m so glad you stopped by. 

I work with women whose lives look great on paper, but don’t feel so great on the inside. Helping them overcome jealousy, comparison and perfectionism, so they can take back their power, stop playing victim, and show up in their full potential.


How did I get here?


Raised in a middle class, white family on the Gold Coast in Australia, I’m about as privileged as it gets. Read : an abundance of food, clean water, my own bed (and bedroom), clothes, education, parents who love each other - you get the picture. But I didn’t realise just how privileged I was until later in life. 

In the late 90’s at the back end of primary school, I encountered my first experience of ‘I’m not good enough’. Rejected from a group of friends because I wore the wrong hair style, the result? I put up an emotional wall. 

Early 2000’s I had a crush on a guy, so I told him. Rejection. Totally embarrassed for putting myself out there. The result? I put up an emotional wall. 

In my first job as an adult, I felt strong and independent, I was beginning to find my place in the world. Then, I encountered a condescending boss, who told me something to the effect of ‘you’re young and naive, of course you would think that’. The result? You guessed it, a big ol wall. 


I owned and operated my own freelance business as a makeup artist for the better part of a decade. Finding my spark in helping women feel beautiful.

All the while, feeling the effects of the belief system I had built as a result of my life experience (remember those walls I told you about). It played out as constantly looking outside of myself for happiness. Shopping, food, holidays, car, house, the perfect partner. 

No longer feeling like I had control over my life, I was constantly wishing I could have what she was having. Telling myself, that I would be happy when {insert external object or circumstance}. 

Health scare, life flipped, forced to assess what really matters. 

Quit makeup business and learnt to love myself. 

And somewhere in there I also met my incredible husband Michael, and we adopted two little fur children, Kobe and Daisy. 


What I learnt is that until we wake up to the fact that we’re letting jealousy rule our lives, constantly allowing other peoples achievements to be a beacon for what is not right in ours, we will never be happy.

There’s no magic pill, secret formula, or quick fix. 

But what you will find, is a heart filling, happiness oozing, feeling of freedom when you’re brave enough to go within. 

It’s time you saw the beauty around you, but more importantly within you.

While the world we live in keeps telling us that we need more and more in order to be happy, why not buck the trend, and find happiness within? 

Since 2014 I’ve coached hundreds of women through the big changes that really, are just tiny shifts. From jealous to grateful, disconnected to intuitive, scattered to aligned, people pleaser to free - I’ve held space for them to get to know themselves, maybe even for the first time. 

This is my jam. 

If you’re ready to say goodbye to jealousy, comparison and perfectionism for good, and finally feel happy, this is the best place to start. 






8 Quick Facts About Me...

  1. I’m a Taurus, and passion curses through my veins. I’m also terrible with change, I stand up for what I believe in, and can be a bit (a lot) stubborn. 
  2. I’m an ENFJ
  3. I’ve grown up around the water, and can ski, wake board, surf, drive a boat and just about anything else on the water - I’m not particularly good at any of them, but that doesn’t bother me. 
  4. I’m currently studying to become a yoga teacher.
  5. Sisterhood makes me feel so good. Often it makes me cry. 
  6. For a long time, Mean Girls was my favourite movie, but I think it might be Dirty Dancing now.
  7. I’m one of those annoying dog parents who thinks having dogs is the same as having human children. (Sorry to everyone who has children) 
  8. I’m committed to growth and stepping outside of my comfort zone, diving deep, and being brave enough to face emotions on the full spectrum. 


So there you have it...

me in a few hundred words...


I’m really glad you stopped by, I’d love to get to know you, and introduce you to our Heart Space community.