So long Facebook

Peace to that! 

Peace to that! 

I can't believe I actually did it. I deleted my personal Facebook account. It's quite a liberating feeling.

I've had Facebook for probably 6+ years, and have always been right into it. Not long into our relationship, Michael deleted his account and I never really understood why. It's taken me all of these years, to get to the same point he was at, and my goodness it feels great!

There really are only two reasons that I decided to delete my account. Number one, I was wasting way too much time flicking through the news feed which hasn't allowed me to be present in my life. I feel like I've missed so many moments engrossed in Facebook, and that truly makes me sad. The second is comparison. Being true to my 2014 theme, I am focusing on self love, and the constant comparison of everyone sharing the 'highlights' of their life isn't healthy for me. I'm fragile and I need to nurture me. Right now this is whats right!

To be fair, I haven't completely rid myself of all social media. I still have my business account which is linked to a new personal account, that I won't be accepting any friends on. Unfortunately that was the best way for me to still keep my business page. I also still have 3 Instagram accounts. I know that seems silly. One for my business, a personal one (I think this will be the next to go) and my brand new one @thewholehousewife, make sure you follow me!  

I'm looking forward to seeing how I go without Facebook, and if it really has become like an addiction. My future self is sending me some gratitude for this move, I can feel it already.

Do you have social media accounts? Do you think they are detrimental to your health? Share your thoughts below. 

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