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Tasty Pineapples!

Tasty Pineapples!

My decision to live a Whole life has come from a variety of places. Bloggers, diagnosis, friends, but most of all, it came from my body. 

For the past 10 years, my body has been trying to tell me that I need to change something. First with an oversensitive allergicic reaction to a tonsillectomy, followed by the diagnosis of celiacs disease and lactose intolerance, and then the woppa, especially for a newly engaged couple (just a few weeks after our engagement), full blown, emergency surgery, nasty, painful endometriosis. 

To give you a little background on me, I'm a dedicated person, an analyser and a stresser. Even as a teenager, actually if I really think about it, even as a child! Years of this neglect and resistance to allow myself to be in touch with what my body wants, caused it to take a radical stance and say 'Oi Kate! What your doing isn't working for me! We need to make some changes!' Finally after 9 years, I decided to listen.

One of my biggest inspirations for change and someone who I absolutely admire is Jess Ainscough, The Wellness Warrior. I can't even describe what this woman has done to help me change my life, and I've never met her. If you haven't read Jess' story you need to, but finish reading this first. (I forgot to mention above, I'm also quite bossy) Jess' ability to act from a place of total self love inspires the pants off me! 

On Jess' blog she speaks about catalysts. The point in which something happens and you decide to re-asses. Mine was my diagnosis of endometriosis. Since then, I have been making regular minor changes to my life and am feeling so much better for it. It's a a long process and I still have so much to learn, but thats what I love. Learning about my body is my favourite topic! 

Following Jess' lead I have learnt to love that I was blessed with my food allergies, because it has made me have to really think about everything I put in my body. I'm so proud of the positive decisions I have made in order for my body to function at it's best. I hope to one day be able to look at my endometriosis as a blessing too! 

For now, I keep learning! 

(Ok, you can read about Jess, The Wellness Warrior now)

Have you experienced a catalyst for change? Who inspires the pants off you? Share your thoughts below.


Kate Caddle

Kate Caddle is a life coach, writer, & intimate event facilitator.

She works with women whose lives look great on paper, but don’t feel so great on the inside. Helping them overcome jealousy, comparison and perfectionism, so they can take back their power, stop playing victim, and show up in their full potential.