The 'P' word - Ladies Only


When you're trying for a baby the monthly visit of Aunt Flow is never welcome, and often comes with quite a bit of sadness, and if you're like me, you just focus on the next cycle. But only a couple of months ago, I was faced with something I had never considered. Something that could be so detrimental to my health and fertility and I had totally overlooked it. Since I was a teenager, I have been using bleached, perfumed, died and chemical laced tampons. The thought of this makes me cringe. Those little nasties have been sitting right near my oh-so-important reproductive organs all these years, at a detriment to my health! Ahhhh! 

In a woman's lifetime she uses over 12,000 tampons, imagine how many hours of exposure to these nasties we have been clocking up. 

Never fear ladies, I went on the hunt for a better alternative, cause lets face it, I ain't using pads! Enter TOM Organic. TOM's certified organic range of tampons and pads uses natural cottons, promises no dye's, chemicals or other nasties near our delicates. I made the immediate switch! They're also really easy to buy. TOM is stocked in Woolworths, you can buy online, and they also offer subscriptions, so you can have them delivered straight to your door. 

Even if you're not thinking about having a baby for a while, and fertility doesn't seem important right now, your health is, and that's why I think every woman should be using 100% organic feminine hygiene products. Tell your girlfriends! 

Do you know of any other organic feminine hygiene brands? Share below. 

-This is not a sponsored post- 

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