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My version of Satay Quinoa Fried Rice from The Whole Pantry App 

My version of Satay Quinoa Fried Rice from The Whole Pantry App 

When I found out for the first time I was celiac I felt like my whole world had crumbled. I decided as far as food went, my life was over. No more fresh bread sandwiches with lashings of vegemite, no more biscuits, no more croissants. What was I actually going to eat? If you are finding out for the first time that you have a food allergy, or you're a parent trying to navigate your way through the world of 'allergy free' it can be really scary. I quickly found out that there are so many things that contain gluten that I would have never imagined would. For example hot chips.

During the transition stage I was going about my life and hoping to find substitutes for everything I had previously eaten. Gluten free bread, gluten free cereal, gluten free pasta etc Yes I could technically eat these, because there was nothing to irritate my allergy, but I started to take more notice of exactly what was in the food I was eating. I learnt that so much of my diet was processed with a dusting of sugar. Anyone who has known me since I was a child will say that I never had a 'bad' diet. I have always eaten well, with fresh fruit and vegetables a part of my daily life. I never liked soft drink (still don't now) and I have always been fit and active, which is a credit to my parents. But we all have areas we can improve on, and finding out I was celiac helped me find those. 

The point I want to make here is, don't look at your allergy or sensitivity as something that can be substituted with the 'allergy free' version. Look at it as a window to your health. Taking one packet and replacing it with another isn't the answer. There is a whole world out there of delicious food waiting to be discovered and it comes from the earth! 

Here are some of my favourite resources and inspiration for nutritious and delicious meals! 

All of these resources have different reasons for sharing their brilliance, but have one common thought 


The Whole Pantry App

This is my number one go to for beautiful recipes. I have cooked loads of the recipes on this app, time and time again and both Michael and I always love them! Plus they donate of chunk of the proceeds from sales straight to charity. I also recommend the Christmas download, even though Christmas has passed, who can say no to a healthy Black Forest Cake!

The Wellness Warrior

It's no secret I'm a huge fan of Jess Ainscough. Foodie Fridays on Jess' blog are great for a variety of recipes shared by other Wellness Warriors, as well as her recently released book 'Make Peace With Your Plate'. It's a staple in our kitchen.

Nat Kringoudis

Nat is a fertility expert, so her recipes are both delicious and great if you're in a similar boat to me with fertility 

Melissa Ambrosini

Her website is a great resource full of delicious recipes and Melissa is an all round inspiring person!

Vegie Head

Lots of vegetarian recipes to try (Not all gluten free, but you can usually adapt them to suit) 

Nicole Joy

For delicious and healthy (yes it's possible) deserts! 

Thug Kitchen

For anyone who can handle some swearing with their recipes, these guys are hilarious and have great recipes too. (Definitely one for the adults only) - Be sure to follow them on Instagram too. 

Where do you find inspiration for healthy recipes? Please share your resources below!

PS I'll be elaborating on this post in the coming weeks with my favourite places to eat out on the Gold Coast, as well as the best places to shop for natural and organic produce. 




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