It's so nice to be back and blogging! I've really missed it! On Sunday night, sometime between 11pm and midnight, I clicked send on my E-book, off it went to my graphic designer. I scrapped in at the last moment. Why is it that I do that? You know, leave things to the last moment.

I've been working on the book for months, but when I think about it, I've really been creating it my whole life. Every life experience shaping what would come to life when a time came to write a book. Sculpting and weaving a story, aka my life. But the pen to paper part, has been done for some time now. 

With the looming deadline approaching, I suddenly felt the need to change it all and question just about everything I had written. I was won over by a dreaded case of fear. To the point of almost pulling the book. It wasn't until Michael had a stern conversation with me (just what I needed), that I realised I was totally giving into fear. 

What if no one likes it?

What if it's not good enough?

What if I'm not good enough? 

Maybe you've entertained these thoughts before. I know I sure have!  What I realised was that somewhere between being excited, and accepting the reality of creating a book, I stopped living from my heart, and started living from my head. I had given power to the voice that was stopping me from doing what I love, and sharing it with who I love (that's you!)

Acknowledging this was the first step in moving through my fears. I had to remind myself that my heart had guided me to this purpose for a reason. And deep down it was what I wanted to do. 

There's always a chance that things will flop, and life won't unfold as you want it to. But if there's one thing I've learned over the past few years, it's that when life doesn't unfold as you hoped it to, it's for a damn good reason! 

How have you let fear stop you from living your purpose, or trying something new? Have you let it control your life? When you feel the fear monster sitting on your shoulder, use these steps to come out shining!


Recognising that you are letting fear dictate your choices is so important in moving forward.  Finish this sentence... I've let fear control my decision about ________________ and it has stopped me from doing/being _______________________. 


It sounds a little crazy, but have a chat to your fear. Where is it coming from? Is it legitimate? Is it really likely that a) you will die of embarrassment? b) the whole world will hate you or c) you really aren't good enough? Breaking down the fear can often make you realise how funny and loopy it really is.


When fear takes over, it's a sign that we have disconnected from ourselves. Turn inward, and remember how truly amazing you are. By withholding your true self out of fear, you are doing a disservice to the world by not offering your special gifts and talents, that are totally unique to you! Remind yourself how special you are! 


As always, action is the most important step! Now that you've worked through the fear, you need to act with heart felt desire, otherwise fear wins. Take a leap, or even a little step. Move yourself in the right direction, and begin to watch how it all falls into it's perfect place.

How have you stopped fear from ruling your life? I'd love you to share your insights below. Your wisdom might be just what a fellow woman needs!