Hi everybody, it's so nice to talk to you, and thank you so much for the opportunity Kate. My name is Wendy Rosvall- Brookes, I am a Clairvoyant Medium, scary word huh? But, basically it just means I have a little extra than most.

The word Clairvoyant  in French/English translation is, 'Clear seeing'. The word Medium just means a "go between". I look at myself as an interpreter from them, (the departed) to you. I was born this way. I cannot change it. It's 4th generation DNA, and as my Grandmother is also adopted we don't know how, or where the line goes back to. I have a dream one day to be on the show "Who do you think you are" so I can find out!

People ask me 'What is it like to be Clairvoyant?' My answer is always. What's it like to have your left arm? Because I don't know any different! For me, it would be scary not to have it. My earliest memory of this was around the age of 4, and waking up nearly every night to "scary" things, which I now Know to be my loved ones. There is no liner time in Heaven!

I used to get told off for staring at people constantly, but I was seeing movies of their lives in my head. My cousins tell me that as a toddler I would death scream at funerals, and predict things that came true when I was little. My sensitivities were, and still are huge. I prefer my own time to the company of others, I crave nature, and beautiful music, and mostly peace.

To fast forward a little my Marriage at 25 was crumbling. In my ornate wisdom at 22 I married a Rock Musician , had 2 kids and bought a home. Not wise. As I was reading the newspaper one day, (never do I read them now) an add for my local Spiritual Church illuminated right in front of my eyes, and I knew I had to go. I met my teacher there, Mr Mark Harvey and to this day Bless him, he still blows my mind!

Mark taught me everything, and then my guides took over. Note- being adopted imagine my surprise of meeting my birth family at 20, and realising they were all like me - relief! My early personal life as most people that work in my field has been for a better word "trying". I had many labels, which today don't vibrate in my consciousness anymore, as I have done the work to at all times to be just me, Wend; as my friends call me.

My previous hats have included, adopted person, obese person, bullied person, sister of three deceased siblings, marital abuse, met blood family, mother of Spectrum child, single parent,
x-pat ...and the list goes on.

The reason we have soo many hard lessons is that (A) it wipes our ego,and (B) it lets us know what, and how we're feeling. So now I choose to look at those hats as a past life scenario only. I am clear. I got here by learning to live with one word in mind, Peace, and to obtain that is easy. Instead of being in an active and reactive state of being, try being an observer instead. I try to approach scenarios with the attitude of  'oh that person is reacting like that, how interesting'. Rise above, and look at their life and ask why? Then you can choose compassion,  and walk away from any drama.

Only include people in your life that you feel good around. Give yourself permission to do this. I only got this at 40 . My working life entails reading globally (I love Skype), and in my office in Worongary QLD.

I'm asked how I prepare to read. Did I mention I'm a Gemini? I listen to very loud rock music and I dance around - it gets me just as high as meditation! (Please don't arrive to early for your consult!) I also meditate - it tells me everything I need to know, and lets me rest in the love of 'Upstairs'.

Here's a quick fact... Did you know that the out of energy for one reading is equivalent to going to a funeral. I do five per day. I have been in my practice now for 16 years. I love helping people. I also work free for the Police, and I worked on a very high profile one in Australia where a little boy was missing for ten years. Detectives came to my house, and I drew what I had been seeing. You can imagine how rewarding it was, to see what I had drawn, was exactly where they found him. Being a Mother myself I cannot imagine the horror those parents went through.

What I would really like you to know today, is that we are only here to learn lessons from other people. That is all! The quicker you move through them, keeping your dignity and grace, the sooner good times come again. Treat it like a dance. 'The dance of life' and remember always 'To Thy Own Self Be True'


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