This week I'd love you to meet fellow blogger, and my new friend (how cool are new friendships!) Ange, from The Gratitude Project. You only have to spend a short time reading Ange's words or oogling over her gorgeous pics on Instagram, to want 'what she's having'.

What's her secret? It's all about gratitude... 

Tell us a little bit about who you are

I’m a modern day young mumma with a burning passion for gratitude and self care on all levels.  

How did you get here? Was there a moment where everything changed?  

There was no ‘ah ha’ moment.  My whole life has been a progressive journey towards where I am now and I’m luckily still learning a whole lot.  I’ve intuitively always been drawn towards healthy living.  As a child I wouldn’t take pain killers easily because no one could tell me what they were made from.  I didn’t understand tomato sauce, it was so red and I wondered why people didn’t just eat tomatoes with their food instead.  As a teen I started to suffer from awful migraines that would leave me unable to see and at times I couldn’t even string a sentence together.  So I started to really question the foods that I was eating.  This all led me to the realisation that a healthy life isn’t just salads and cold pressed juice.  It’s a combination of having a healthy mind, eating nourishing foods and living a life of purpose.  

What does a regular day looks like for you?

I wake up, meditate and do some Callanetics or gentle stretching.  Then Bo is up and my husband gets home from Crossfit and we have family time.  Making our green smoothies and juices together and just playing.  I study or do work when Bo naps and when she’s up we go to the beach or park and catch up with family and friends.  Then we have dinner as a family and Hugh and I have wind down time on the couch together after our baby girl goes to bed.  It’s a very blissful life and I’m so grateful for every moment of it.  

What are your favourite ways to get active? 

I love Callanetics because my instructor, Sandra, is so passionate about it.  Her enthusiasm just rubs off onto everyone and it’s a really amazing atmosphere and you leave feeling incredible.  Other than that I just love to walk and swim in the ocean.  

What are the three most important things that you do each day? 

Schedule me time, some form of self love.  Either cooking or meditation or just laying on the couch watching trashy TV. 

Have my green smoothie.  It’s full of goodness and always perks me up if I’m feeling a little tired.  

Roll on the floor with my little family.  I think it’s important to have time just cuddling and letting Bo lead Hugh and I as to what she wants to do and how she wants to play.  

In your eyes what does a Whole Housewife look like? 

I believe a Whole Housewife knows that her wellbeing is imperative to the happiness of her family.  It’s lovely when someone wants to give all they are to their family, but if you burn out, your family will suffer.  A Whole Housewife puts her physical, mental and spiritual health above all because she knows when she’s in a good place she can be her best self.  

It’s my dream to … 

Inspire women to work on gratitude with the effort they do in other areas of their life.  Nurture themselves to find a state of bliss and live with purpose.  Find fulfilment through gratitude.  


I believe that… 

Positivity and gratitude radiate energy that encourages everything to thrive.  I’ve seen so many studies on the effects of love and words have on people and objects.  It comes from your heart and literally vibrates out from you, you just need to believe. 

Today I’m grateful for… 

Too many things to list!  Obviously, my business revolves around gratitude and positivity so it’s hard to go a few hours without thinking “I’m so grateful for…” but at this current moment I’m grateful for my achy back, a little message from my body to my mind to take a moment of self care and do some stretching and Somatics.  

For a better tomorrow we must … 

Be easy on ourselves and each other.  Live each day with compassion and care for others and the earth around us.  Eat good food from the earth.  Most importantly, tune in and open our minds to what we really need as individuals.  

What is your favourite meal of the day? 

My morning smoothie.  Hugh loves going out for breakfast, but I can never find a meal at a cafe that measures up to the taste and energy burst I get from my smoothie.  So I will usually smuggle it into a cafe or have it before we go out on weekends.  

I love water, sounds strange but up until I finished school I didn’t drink anything else.  Never milk, juice, coffee, tea or fizzy drinks, always just water.  And I’m obsessed with bananas.  Cashiers and visiting friends often ask me if I’m feeding monkeys in my home, there are usually at least 10 on the kitchen bench.  

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? 

To always be kind.  Sometimes you won’t understand people, sometimes they will aggravate you but it’s important to remember that everyone has their own struggles and you’ll never know how it’s affecting them inside.  So be gentle.  


Steps to Gratitude 

By Ange Simson, The Gratitude Project

I want to share my three steps to gratitude.  As I mentioned, I think it’s important to work on your gratitude as you would work out at the gym or take care of  your skin.  Living a full, grateful life won’t just happen if you don’t consciously put in the effort. 

Practise self love

You can check out my Instagram for some tips from my Self Care September challenge.  Looking after yourself is necessary for gratitude.  It starts with you and self care is the best way to show how much you care for your own wellbeing.  

Be extremely vocal about what you’re thankful for 

When someone does something that warms your heart, tell them!  Let your partner now what you love about them.  Make it a habit to shout your blessing from the rooftops.

Start a gratitude journal

Fill it in at the end of each day.  Often we go to sleep thinking about what we didn’t complete, what didn’t go to plan or what needs to be done tomorrow.  Taking a quiet moment to look within and find gratitude for the day helps you calm you mind and sleep more peacefully.  


The Gratitude Project