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Prep time 10 minutes 
Serves 1


Coconut yogurt
Maple muesli (Go here to download Breakfast Delights with the recipe inside) 
4 medjool dates


Soak dates in hot water for 15 minutes to allow them to soften.

Using a jar, fill the base with coconut yoghurt. It’s best to use two teaspoons, pushing the yoghurt off one spoon with the other, to achieve a neat finish.

Follow with another layer of coconut yoghurt, then another layer of maple muesli. Don’t press down each layer, just allow them to gently sit on top of each other.

Remove dates from water and remove seeds.

Add the dates to the parfait to make the next layer.

Finish with another layer of yoghurt and another layer of muesli.

You could also top with your favourite fruit or add cacao nibs to each muesli layer. 

Seal with a lid for breakfat on the go or a yummy morning tea!

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