When I started the Blissful Babe series a few months back, I knew it was going to be a big ask for me to be able to interview someone every week, pull the interview together with great images, and load the post. But I was totally up for the challenge. 

Sometimes hurdles do put themselves in the way (which is what happened today) and that's totally ok. Not so long ago, I would have been up all night bugging people asking them if I could ask them a few questions about their favourite meal, and how they like to exercise. It's quite funny when I look back! 

Unknowingly bringing this series to life has taught me patience, and to trust the natural flow of the universe. Yes it would be fantastic if everything always fell into place exactly how I imagined it to in my mind, but that's not life. And the more experience I have at life, the more I believe that when things don't go 'to plan' is when we find the truly beautiful moments. 

I can see now that my control came from fear. As it always does! Fear of not having something to share, fear of looking unprofessional, fear of letting you down. I was letting it dictate the way I was conducting myself in relation to The Whole Housewife. 

The funny thing is, I've always got something to share. Even when I don't think I do, I sit down and begin typing - in fact that's when I come up with my best content. I believe that beginning to make my decisions from a place of love, is the building blocks to releasing control.

Control is a quest for something you will never have, at the detriment of everything you do have

So to wrap up this sweet, impromptu post, I want you to ask yourself these three questions 

  • What am I trying to control most? 
  • Is this because I am fearful of what will happen if I don't? 
  • How can I stop fear from ruling the way I live my life? 

I'd love you to share your insights in the comments section below.