Yep that's what I did. I wrote a book. It might not be a paperback published one, but it's a book all the same, and recognising that achievement is still sinking in for me. With the launch of The Whole You less than 24 hours away, I've found myself reflecting on what I have learnt through this process. To be honest, it's a lot! Like that I prefer to write outdoors when I'm connected with nature, and that despite all evidence to the contrary I'm very capable of procrastination. But the lessons I want to share with you, run a little bit deeper than that, and I know you'll be able to see how they fit into your life too. 

Just start 

When I started writing The Whole You, I didn't know what would come of it. I didn't even really know it would come together as a book. I just had a bunch of ideas, and put pen to paper. In time, the book, the name and the vision all came.  Grab onto those moments where ideas come flying in, where you feel motivation and just take one step towards whatever is calling you. 

You are always supported

Even when you don't think you have support, someone will pop their head up and give you that little boost of encouragement you're craving. That sign that this is the right path for you. And, if it is the right path, the Universe will bring you what you need.

Would you believe, in the time that I have been writing my blog, I've never had anyone from my tribe approach me in public, and in the past week (when I've been a little nervous about the next step of this process) three beautiful women have approached me, said that they love my work, and told me how excited they are about The Whole You. Thank you to these beautiful women, you have no idea how much your support means to me. 

The outcome really isn't relevant 

When you create something with love, purpose and authenticity, the outcome no longer becomes relevant. This could be how you carry yourself through your day, how you speak to others or how you choose to exercise. What is important, is that you are being truthful and honest, and that is all we are ever called to do.

I know that every part of my e-book is created with love and intention, and knowing that deep within my heart, tells me that I am doing everything I meant to! Regardless of what comes next, what I have created is a reflection of me through and through. 

Do things with love and purpose, and suddenly you begin to feel fulfilment like never before.

So now it's time for you to share just how my lessons are relevant in your life too. Use the comments section below, or the contact page of my site to let me know your thoughts.

Have you written a book? Created your own version of a masterpiece? What did you learn? I'd love you to share these thoughts too!