I LOVE making healthy yummy treats from scratch! But when life becomes busy, it can be super hard to find time. That's why when I found Bake Mixes, I almost wet my pants in excitement! Think regular packet mixes in the supermarket, minus the sugar, chemicals, animal products and cardboard flavour. So they're pretty much the complete opposite!


Bake Mixes use organic ingredients, are vegan and cruelty free, and are really simple to put together. Plus the one's I've tried are delicious! Absolutely perfect to have in the pantry for those nights when you think 'what am I going to take to work for a snack tomorrow?' 

Recently I tried the banana muffins and the bliss balls. Both were perfection! In fact, I seem to recall a text message from my husband, along the lines of 'those were the best balls I've ever eaten!' Sorry Mike I had to share! I rolled the finished bliss balls in chopped pistachio's, for a little bit of something extra. Personally I loved the banana muffins and have been craving them ever since! Next time I think I might try adding walnuts to the mixture. 

As you might know, I'm also coeliac, so I was delighted to find that both of these packets are gluten free too. Head to the website to see the full range, and put in your order! 

What is your go-to for a quick sweet snack when you're in a hurry?

I'd love you to share your thoughts below.

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