Each year when I see the Thanksgiving posts filling my social media from people abroad, I wonder why this isn't a part of Australian culture. We've adopted so many traditions from other countries, and have been influenced in lots of different ways, why not this one? 

Thanksgiving is about celebrating and giving thanks for the harvest and the preceding year. What a beautiful thought. To stop and say thank you for the food we have to nourish our body, and all that has been in the year prior. In the perfect world we would do this daily, and I'm sure lots of us do, but how cool would it be to have a day where the whole country celebrates this together. 

Part of the tradition is to serve a roast turkey. Definitely not my style, but being that it's spring here, as peeps down under could go for a cold lunch. Think salads, fruit, coconut ice cream, maybe seafood if you're into that? And what about a gratitude jar on the table to fill with little bits of thanks?

If you're a regular around here, you will know how powerful gratitude is in our lives, imagine the impact of family and friends coming together to celebrate the beautiful things that make our life whole. To let petty issues be forgotten, and to love and accept each other as we are. I am certain that if Australia adopted this tradition, the world would be just a little bit happier!

Although I missed the boat this year, I am putting Thanksgiving in my calendar next year, and will be making an occasion of it! In case you want to join me the USA celebrates it on the fourth Thursday of November, and Canada on the second Monday of October.  But don't worry I'll remind you before then! 

On that note, I'd love you share with me what you're grateful for today? Share below, via email, or through social media. Use the hashtag #aussiethanksgiving and let's bring this beautiful tradition to our shores!