This isn’t the first time I have spoken to you about taking care of your skin there’s a reason why I want to revisit it. Understanding your skin take loads of knowledge and the more I can teach you, the better you will understand this amazing organ. I don’t claim to be a skin expert, but I am a beauty therapist and makeup artist, and have spent time working in spa’s and salons that specialise in skin. I have worked on hundreds, if not thousands of women’s faces over the past seven or so years.

In my time working in the mainstream beauty industry I have come to understand that this simple truth is widely ignored…

What is happening on your skin is a direct reflection of what is happening inside your body 

You might like to look at this post for more on that.

Caring for your body from the inside is the key to consistently healthy skin. Lots of fresh organic fruits and vegetables, fermented foods to keep your gut healthy, plenty of water, and living a low stress/stress free lifestyle.

As well as this, our skin needs a little bit of lovin’ on the outside too. You can do this by allowing your skin to breathe throughout the day. Choose organic mineral makeup (I love Innika), keep your skincare simple and chemical free, (this includes nasty sunblocks filled with chemicals proven to cause cancer. For an alternative, try this) and regular ‘DIY’ facials (go here).

Due to my endometriosis, I have very irregular hormones, at times causing both breakouts and extreme dryness (lack of oil) and dehydration (lack of water) to my skin. It’s so important for me to do all that I can on the exterior to help keep my skin strong and healthy, complimenting the nourishing food I put into my body.

A couple of months ago, I came across an Australian owned and Australian made brand, Lewin & Reilly. I decided to try a few of their products over a period of time to see whether I noticed an improvement. 

My skin has been a whole lot more consistent since using their products, and I haven’t had any dryness (lack of oil) what so ever. I’ve also noticed that any breakouts heal much quicker than before.

Although their products aren’t certified organic, a lot of their ingredients are, and it’s something this new company is working towards. I love that!

Skin tip …

If you have breakout’s it doesn’t mean your skin is oily. Most grown women with oily skin don’t actually have many breakouts. It’s a big misconception that if you have a pimple or two that you have oily skin, this is not the case!

Try this test…

Cleanse and moisturise your skin, and don’t apply makeup. Check yourself in the mirror every 30 minutes, and note whether your skin is progressively getting shinier (oily skin type), staying the same (normal) or if it looks a bit flat and ‘tired’. (dry) Keep checking until you notice a change happening.

I have been using the Jojoba & Kakadu plum oil cleanser, and I’m OBSESSED! I absolutely love this product. It smells incredible and feels amazing on my skin. If you have an oilier skin type, you can still use oil to wash your face, just make sure you use a gentle face washer or cloth (a new one each time) to remove it well. Alternatively if you’re not into oil as a cleanser, try the Macadamia & White Cypress cleansing cream. Equally as divine in both smell and texture. I just prefer oil!

A note on cleansers…

Stay clear of foaming cleansers regardless of your skin type. They are typically dehydrating, which for any skin type is bad news. They mess with the PH level of your skin, and can contribute to skin conditions like, acne, rosacea, cuperose (broken capillaries), eczema and dermatitis. Choose cream or oil cleansers. Worried they’ll be too much for your oily skin? Use a gentle face washer or cloth to remove any excess before moisturising.

Embrace your shine …

For those of you lucky enough to have oily skin, yes I said lucky, I have good news for you! If you spent your teen years fighting with acne, the reprieve is coming! Oil is what prevents wrinkles! It keeps your skin soft and supple, slowing down the signs of aging. Embrace your shine!

On the note of keeping hydrated, I love Lewin & Reilly Frangipani & Kukui moisturiser. It’s just the right amount of hydration. I use it both morning and night, and my skin just drinks it right up!

The keep my dry skin hydrated during the day I carry the face tonic with me in my handbag. It’s perfect for a fresh burst of hydration throughout the day. Plus it makes your makeup look fresh, and helps it to last longer!

Did you learn anything new about your skin today? Maybe you have something to share? I’d love you to show your support and help out the other people in our community by sharing your knowledge in the comments section below!