Acupuncture and Fertility


According to the AACMA Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association, Acupuncture is 'a time-honoured medicine whose Chinese origins can be traced back at least 2000 years. ' This means that it is one of the longest standing health care practises in the world! 

Much to my delight, the practice of Acupuncture believes in both treating the problem at hand, but also looking deeper, finding the root cause, and preventing future problems by treating it where it began. It also has a strong history of helping with fertility issues. 

After doing my research I decided to make acupuncture a part of my fertility journey. I have found so much support for acupuncture and am so excited about all of the health benefits that have been noted over time. 

Acupuncture has many benefits, here is a short list of the noted benefits for fertility

  • It helps to regulate your cycle- this means each of the three phases of your cycle are working to their optimum increasing your chances of conception
  • Enhanced follicle development - this means stronger and better quality eggs
  • Thickening in the lining of the uterus - this assists in implantation
  • Minimising stress on the body - allowing your body to function at its best
  • Decreasing inflammation - Inflammation alone can cause so many fertility issues! 

I know! It sounds awesome. Whats the catch? There isn't one, oh except the countless tiny needles inserted all of your body! Ah-la Charlotte in Sex and the City. This is what I thought anyway. But on recommendation from so many friends, I booked myself an appointment. While in the waiting room I was practising my breathing techniques to calm my nerves! Much to my delight David was so lovely and calm, and made me feel at ease. I imagined the room to be very 'doctors-surgery-eek' but it was more like a day spa with relaxation music playing, and beautiful fresh towels. 

I absolutely loved the treatment. It made me feel relaxed and peaceful, and David explained how the certain points would be benefiting in my body- I always ask loads of questions. He also helped me understand the areas that were holding tension, that I hadn't even noticed, for example my left ovary. Within the one treatment I felt a lot of relief, and slept like a baby that night! (I've never really understood that statement, I slept more like a teenager) 

The needles were completely painless and I didn't even really notice them. The only ones that hurt were in my toes, and they didn't really hurt, it was more like an insect bite. The treatment went for an hour, treating the front first and then the back. 

The most surprising thing of all, David detected an illness from 10 years ago that I neglected to put on my consult form. Ooops! It had left me ill for 4 months way back in high school. All these years I have had so much trouble with soreness on the right side of my abdomen, with two ribs in particular always popping out a little higher than the others, causing a complete imbalance on my right hand side, and lots of pain. Adam traced this to an inflamed liver causing my bones to expand. At this stage he isn't sure whether the bones grew like that in order to make room for my liver or if it's still inflamed. Watch this space. Needless to say, my liver also received some treatment! 

I'm now on a weekly program for 3 cycles. We will then review and depending on the progress possibly cut it back to fortnightly. I'll be sure to share my progress and updates.

I would love to hear about your experience with acupuncture, has it helped you? In what way? please share your thoughts below.