Almond Milk


Looking for a milk alternative? This is my absolute favourite!

If you're planning to remove dairy from your diet almond milk is a great alternative to cows milk. My advice is to look at it as a different option not a replacement, it tastes much lighter than moo-juice, which can take time to adjust to. I've actually just trialled this recipe with macadamias for a creamier option for Michael. He really wants to remove dairy from his diet, but is finding it hard to find a replacement in coffee, and doesn't like almond milk. I'll let you know the verdict!

I hope you love this simple recipe as much as I do! 

You Will Need

1 cup of raw almonds

800mL of filtered water

Extra filtered water for soaking almonds

1 tsp Cinnamon 

You will also need this Equipment (along with the standard stuff)

Nut Milk Bag (Buy here)


1 L Glass Milk Bottle (I buy here)


1. Soak almonds for 8 hours or more. To do this, place them in a glass or porcelain bowl or jar, and cover with filtered water.  ( I usually soak mine overnight, or soak them in the morning to have them ready in the evening) The almonds will expand, so if you notice they aren't completely covered in water after some time, add a little more.

2. Once 8 hours has passed thoroughly rinse the almonds in a strainer. 

3. Put 800mL of filtered water in your blended, followed by the soaked and rinsed almonds. I like to use cold water so the milk is cold and ready to use right away! 

4. Blend for at least 3 minutes until it resembles bubbly milk. 

5. Add 1 tsp of cinnamon and blend for another 10 seconds.

6. Place your nut milk bag over a bowl and pour in the milk. 

7. Squeeze the milk through the bag, until all thats left is semi dry 'pulp'.  

8. Add to your sterilised bottle (Place bottle in the over on 180 degrees for 20 minutes) and you're ready to serve! 

Some other notes... 

  • Your almond milk will keep for about 4 days 
  • It will separate in the bottle, so give it a shake before use each time 
  • Store your nut milk bag in the freezer to stop germs 

With the remaining 'pulp' I like to place it on a tray and dry it out in the oven for about an hour on the lowest temperature possible. Once cooled I put it through a food processor to make a fine almond meal. You can then use it in TWH Cookies, find the recipe here. 

Make sure you use the almond meal within 24hours. 

Have you made almond milk before? Please share your thoughts if you try this recipe! 


Kate Caddle

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