De-Clutter your space, de-clutter your mind

I'm so excited to share with you some of the exciting things happening here! But first a little insight into what I've been up to. 

I can't believe I'm already into my third month blogging as The Whole Housewife! Thank you for your support so far. The last couple of weeks I've been reflecting on where I want to take my blog, and what I have to offer. I'm very excited to share that The Whole Housewife will now be more focussed on lifestyle as a whole. I'm going to share with you more elements that make up my life, and lots more knowledge. Of course I will still have a huge focus on health and wellbeing because this is the foundation to a 'full' life. 

To kick things off for March, I'm going to be focusing on....


Over the coming weeks I will bring weekly inspiration areas to your computer screen. I encourage you to get involved and tag along with me as I de-clutter my home. I'll be focusing on one area per week, with lots of tips and ideas, plus budget friendly ways of making your household run smoother, and more stress free. The first post will come to you on Monday, but first I want to share a few tips with you to get you in the right frame of mind. 

Work with what you have. There's no point holding out on organising your kitchen because you're going to renovate in 12months. Do it now, work with what you have today, and adapt. The time is never 'perfect' so just jump in and do it! 

Feel good about donating. Shift your thinking when it comes to parting with your possessions. Those things that have been sitting in your cupboard for years and never get worn, will bring someone else so much more happiness, part with your junk and help others out! Donating possessions is a great way of giving to charity and everyone can do it!

Set a deadline, and stick to it. Having an end date is a certain way to keep you on track. It's also a big help when you're part way through and feel like you've created a monster. 

Start with the end in sight. Make a plan, look at inspiration online, look at your space, think about convenience. Having a plan from the beginning helps you stay on track, and this will ensure you maintain your 'order' long after you've finished your organising. 

Have fun. Having a beautifully organised home is amazing. It makes everything run smoother, you have less stress, and every thing has a home. Enjoy the process and the fact that you're making your life easier and stress free just by making some miner changes.

Are you a hoarder at heart? Do you find it hard to part with things? Here are some questions to ask yourself if your ummming-and-arhhhing about some particular items. 

1. Do I ever use this? How often?

2. Do I like this item? 

3. Am I only holding onto this item because I think i'll repair it one day? Am I actually going to repair it? 

4. Am I keeping this because I fee like I should? Do I actually love it? 

5. Why have I held onto this?

6. Do I have something else that does the same thing? Do I need both? 

7. Does it have sentimental value? 

It's also a good idea to remember these questions when you're purchasing new things. 

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