The day I thought I'd meet the Queen of PR


Earlier this week I heard an ad on Sea FM for the Early Risers 'Women in Business', breakfast at Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast. Let me just pre-face this by saying, I don't listen to commercial radio, but for a split moment I was flicking through stations, and happened to catch the whole advertisement. The 'Queen B' of PR, Miss Sweaty Betty aka Roxy Jacenko was booked as a guest speaker. Roxy has a reputation for being a bit of a tough biatch, and definitely lives a life that is very different to mine (a-la-instagram), but she is a 30 something woman with a super successful rockin' business, and I thought...

' I could learn a thing or two from her!' 

So up I got this morning, bright and early, and eager to hear what this powerhouse had to say. Might I add, after inviting a couple of friends who were't available, I decided I had to brave it on my own! Eeeek! Turns out I was totally fine, and I met some really lovely ladies.

As the morning commenced, much to my disappointment Karen (the organiser) announced that Roxy wouldn't be attending and had pre recorded something for us. In that moment I was really annoyed. Thats the whole reason I'm here!!! But hey, I got up super early and blow-dried my hair at 5am, I'm not leaving yet. It's funny how life throws these little hurdles at you. This was truly an 'everything happens for a reason' moment. In my excitement of seeing Queen B, I totally overlooked the other speakers for the event, Natalie Cook and Karni Liddell. 

First we heard Roxy's video. It was ok, but being a pre recorded video, it took away the casualness I was hoping to see with her being in person. But she said one thing that sent tingles down my spine. 'Never say no.' Ouch. I thought to myself, I couldn't disagree more. Often by saying no to someone else, you're say yes to yourself, and as everyone who reads my blog is hopefully learning, for me, health is everything! Without it I have nothing. I sat there thinking, 'Wow. This morning couldn't have panned out anymore different to what I expected.' 

Then something amazing happened, I realised that I wasn't here to listen to Roxy, but the universe knew that I needed a draw card like her to get me in the door. I was here to listen to Natalie, and Karni. And these women blew my socks off. Karni spoke about overcoming the most phenomenal hurdles to become one of the most successful Australian Paralympians of all time, along with many other incredible achievements. Nat had me in fits of laughter with her beautiful approach to achieving your dreams, and I've walked away feeling empowered, excited and determined to create the success I dream of.

The morning played out so differently to what I expected, and I'm so glad it did! Learning to be in the moment and take life as it comes is a lesson and skill that his teaching me so much. I'm so grateful for the universe and it's bigger plan for me. 

How has a curve ball shown you light in a place you hadn't looked? Share your thoughts below!

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