Life can be frantic these days with so many bills to pay, jobs, partners, social activities, household duties….it makes my head spin just thinking about it! It’s easy to put other’s needs before yours and put your health on the back burner, but fitness should be a top priority! It's absolutely crucial to designate time to looking after yourself. When your schedule is overloaded and you have a million things running through your mind, if you're anything like me you feel guilty taking time to exercise. What about cooking dinner? Vacuuming? Paying the phone bill? Finishing that article? There always seems to be something more important. But what could be more important than being happy, healthy and indulging in some self-love? Here are my top reasons to always make time for 'you'!

Just 10 A Day Will Change Your Ways

How often have you dismissed a workout because you’re pressed for time or the thought of a long workout makes you shudder? Some days it all just seems too hard and tomorrow seems like such a better option. But regardless of how hectic your schedule is, 10 minutes can be found, and it’s over before you know it! Can you fit in a workout before your household wakes up? Or while dinner is cooking? How about just before bedtime? Find it, fit it in and watch your body change. 10 minutes a day adds up to over an hour a week, and who knows...if you can find 10 a day, maybe even 15 or 20 won't be too much of a stretch!

Stress Less And Calm Your Mind

Increased blood flow to the brain during exercise improves your focus and dramatically reduces stress. When you are feeling overwhelmed, the last thing you feel like doing is a workout! Although you are feeling on edge, that’s actually when you need to look after your body and mind the most. During your most hectic, chaotic times, you might feel guilty dropping everything for a workout, but it's absolutely essential so you can settle your nerves and clear your mind. So the next time your feeling frazzled, put your energy into a workout and collect your thoughts, and you'll have the brain power to take on any task!

Boost Your Energy Levels

Have you been feeling sluggish, lethargic, bloated and run down? It might be time for a Pilates detox! Pilates has the amazing ability to stimulate detoxification by gently massaging internal organs, invigorating the lymphatic system and increased circulatory responses. Although it seems contradictory, inactivity will leave you feeling tired, run down and out of sorts. Regular exercise will dramatically increase your energy and leave you feeling invigorated, revitalised and refreshed.

Get That Metabolism Firing

You don’t just burn calories during your workout…you reap the benefits all day long! Whilst you are doing your workout your metabolism increases, which means your body is a fat burning furnace as your heart rate elevates and your muscles work. Your metabolism stays high for hours after you finish your workout, so not only will you will increase your muscle tone, strength, balance and flexibility, that metabolism will be revving like never before! I recommend doing a workout every day, whether it’s a quick 10 minute stretch or full body 60 minute Pilates workout, make sure you mix it up and find what works for you.

Increase Your Fertility

Pilates will increase your circulation, improve your breathing and get those endorphins firing. It will detox and cleanse your body and help prepare it for pregnancy. Pilates integrates breath with flowing movements to give vitality to the reproductive organs and balance your hormones. You will reduce stress, boost strength and improve flexibility, dramatically increasing your chances of conceiving. The Pilates principles of concentration, centring and focus will increase energy flow through the body and relax your mind. And the best part? Your body will love Pilates before, during and after your baby arrives!

So taking time out for your health and fitness is not something that should be at the bottom of your list, it’s a top priority! Find a little you time every day and reap all of the benefits in every aspect of your life. You deserve it!

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Have you ever tried pilates before? What benefits did you notice? Share your thoughts below!