It's time to just 'be'

Just last week I learned a very valuable lesson. You may not know this yet, but I'm part of The Wellness Warrior Lifestyle Transformation. Each month all members are lucky enough to participate in a live chat with Jess Ainscough. Last week was my first chance to do this, with lots of apprehension (and star stuck nerves) I spoke to Jess about my constant digestive issues. I am doing everything in my power to make it easy on my little tummy, but it still doesn't seem to be happy. 

Jess went on to share with me, that the term 'gut feeling' isn't just a term. It's an actual thing. She asked me whether I thought there was something holding me back emotionally, because it sounds like I'm holding it in my tummy. This might be a little 'airy fairy' for some, but it resonated with me, and was a little wake up call. I need to slow down.

So how am I going to work out what it is? I'm giving myself the chance to truly engage with myself. It sounds strange, but I lead a busy life (by choice) although I enjoy my yoga, I am always doing something. Making myself stop and 'be' allows me to engage with what is happening inside. I have started by making my morning routine a priority. I feel so much better, and am guaranteed a better day when I start it like this... 

Wake up

Oil pulling and quiet time reading

10- 15 minute meditation

Lemon tea (hot water and lemon) 

Dry body brushing before my shower

I also incorporate some type of exercise into my day. These simple steps allow me to engage more with myself, particularly the meditation, and help me on my way to a great day. 

Learning to stop and be, is something I am working on, and am so far seeing amazing benefits. I'm really excited about what this will mean for my healing! 

Do you have a morning routine? What do you do to help you connect to yourself? Please share your thoughts below.



Kate Caddle

Kate Caddle is a life coach, writer, & intimate event facilitator.

She works with women whose lives look great on paper, but don’t feel so great on the inside. Helping them overcome jealousy, comparison and perfectionism, so they can take back their power, stop playing victim, and show up in their full potential.