New Year Nest Egg

It seems a little strange for me to be mentioning New Year in March, but hear me out. After Christmas and the silly season last year, myself and a lot of people I know were feeling a little financially stressed. It's such a fun time of year with lots of events, and gifts; lots of things that cost money, and you often find that come the beginning of the New Year, you're starting in a bit ditch. 

This happens almost every year for me, and it just doesn't line up with my motivation and go-get-it attitude that comes flying in on New Years Day. So I have decided to create a savings plan to ensure that, come New Years Day 2015 you'll have a nice little savings of $800 to get your started into a great year! 

Both Michael and I started a little earlier (in January) and each have a  jar of our own. We have decided that what we save will go to a holiday over the Christmas period. Best of all, come holiday time, we will have all of our money saved, and wouldn't have noticed it go! 

Even if you don't have something in particular to save for, it's a great idea to do it anyway! Put your loose change to good use and watch it grow.

Grab yourself a cute jar, print this pdf and put in on the fridge and get saving! 

TIP- It's a good idea to put the jar away (out of sight out of mind) so your aren't tempted to grab $5 for your morning coffee. Consistency is the key! 

What are you going to save for? Share below!