Love notes ...


For Valentines Day my darling dearest husband gave me a cute letter writing set. Inside it says 'To receive a letter, you must first write a letter.' This got me thinking about the last time I hand wrote a letter and sent it. I honestly couldn't remember! I know when I receive something in the mail that isn't a bill, I get super excited! Much more excited than when I receive an email or text message. 

I decided to write to a bunch of my friends. Some that live far away, some that live close. Some of them I'd seen a few days before, and some I hadn't spoken to in months! I really enjoyed writing the letters, and taking a moment out of my day to think about what was happening in my friends lives. I addressed them and added cute stickers, and put them in the post! 

Someone for an older generation would probably read this post and laugh, because this was normal for our Grandparents, and even some of our parents. Somewhere along the way we seem to have lost the art of letter writing. The pleasure in finding pretty paper, adding stickers, using your favourite pen, and writing from the heart. 

This week I challenge you to hand write a letter to a friend. It doesn't have to long, but it has to be real! It's not hard, and really quite fun. Plus you'll make someones day when they see a pretty colourful envelope in amongst all of the bills! And who knows, you might just get one back! 

When was the last time you out a letter in the post 'just cause?'