A healing liver and a painless period. Who would have thought?

If you caught my post on Acupuncture and Fertility you would know that I have committed to weekly acupuncture appointments to help with my health, particularly fertility. 

I’m now just over two months into my treatments and I thought it was time to share my progress. The benefits I have seen have far exceeded my expectations.

 After discovering a liver issue that had been lingering for years, I am now on the path of healing. Every session we focus time on repairing and strengthening my liver depending on how it is on that particular day. After each treatment my liver always feels comfortable. Which seems like a funny thing to say, but after of years of living with abnormal discomfort in that immediate area, the relief I feel after a treatment is amazing.

David has also helped me understand what my liver can handle while it’s healing. I now the skills to connect the dots. For example I’m not going anywhere near alcohol, coffee, overly fatty foods, any medication (including panadol etc) and I’m limiting how much sugar I consume- that includes fruit. If I do have anything on this list, within an hour I know that my liver is struggling. It becomes uncomfortable and I start to get back pain (a follow on affect from my swollen liver).

 Each week we are making progress, but I’m also looking into some other options for liver cleansing to give the poor old guy a boost!

The benefits don't stop there. The main reason I went to acupuncture in the first place was to help with my fertility. I'm happy to report that it has literally changed my life! For the first time EVER I had a full menstrual cycle without pain. I actually can’t believe I’m writing that, because I never thought that would be a reality for me. David has been able to relieve tension throughout my pelvis and abdomen, which has relieved my pain. If you’re unfamiliar with endometriosis, the pain is horrible. Previously I've experienced cramps through my whole abdomen, upper leg pain, aching back, constipation, diahorrea and other digestive pain, sleepless nights and a whole lot of emotional stress every month. To have all of these symptoms relieved is absolutely incredible, and I am so so grateful! I've also had an increase in my body temperature. Since I have been charting my temperature for monitoring ovulation, I have had quite low temperatures, below 36 degrees. Since about week 4 of acupuncture my temperature is constantly over 36 degrees. What does this mean for fertility? Now that my body is operating at more of an optimum temperature, everything is functioning a whole lot better, including my hormone levels.  

Although the improvements I am experiencing are amazing, I'm also realistic and I’m sure that I will experience endometriotic symptoms again in my life, but everything is moving in the right direction and I’m really happy! The progress I am seeing is in line with my beliefs and I am so glad I tried something new and found acupuncture.

 If you live on the Gold Coast you are lucky enough to have David Haynes close by. You can read more about him here.

Please also note - I have heard some stories since advocating acupuncture, about different results for different people. As always, not everything works for everyone, I would encourage you to do your research and find someone with great referrals before trying it out.