No I'm not pregnant, I just like coconuts

It's no secret that drinking alcohol is expectable in almost all social circles. It's part of Australian culture, and from what I can see, global culture too. Sometimes it's so 'normal', that if you aren't drinking you become an outcast. It's because of this that I believe it's easy to cave, and choose to drink alcohol because 'everyone else is doing it'. 

Right now, alcohol isn't my friend. I've never particularly enjoyed drinking (which was probably my body telling me that I had a liver problem) so deciding to stop for a while wasn't a hard decision. I'm doing so much to help my body heal itself, and I just don't want to jeopardise that for a glass of wine. I've been asked 'why aren't you drinking?', and 'OMG are you pregnant?!' 'One glass isn't going to kill you' and  the obvious despise towards me for choosing not to consume alcohol. It's uncomfortable and it makes me a feel a bit yucky inside, but it's something that I've had to come to terms with. Now I no longer care about what others think about my choices, and I'm so much happier and healthier with my organic soft drink or fresh coconut than I ever was with a glass of wine.

Although this is how I feel now, there will come a day when I drink alcohol again, and that's ok. I think in the future I will look for organic preservative free wines instead.

If you've decided to stop drinking alcohol, or want to cut back, here are some of my favourite deliscious alternatives.

Coconut Water

Amazing for hydration - My favourite brands is Nakula

Fresh Young Coconut 

These are my absolute favourite and definitely my drink of choice! While everyone dehydrates I hydrate!

Water or mineral water with fresh lime 

Make sure you have a juicy organic lime so that you get more flavour into the water. Along with the obvious downsides, non-organic limes have such a small amount of juice and flavour that it really is pointless to use them. 


Yum! I absolutely love this tasty probiotic drink. We purchase our's from the local organic market, but you can also get it from most health food stores. It's very similar to soft drink. 

Cold Pressed Juice 

I can't go past a freshly pressed tasty organic juice, perfect for picnics!

Organic Soft Drink like Bionade 

If you like a bit of fizz, you will love Bionade! It's a super tasty organic soft drink that comes in a bunch of flavours. Plus they kinda look like beer, so you'll fit in with the cool crowd. 

What are your favourite alcohol alternatives? And what do you say to people who question why you choose not to drink? Join the conversation, and share your thoughts below. 

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Kate Caddle

Kate Caddle is a life coach, writer, & intimate event facilitator.

She works with women whose lives look great on paper, but don’t feel so great on the inside. Helping them overcome jealousy, comparison and perfectionism, so they can take back their power, stop playing victim, and show up in their full potential.