A Structural Release

How do you feel about structure? A structured life, a regular routine, a timeline, something to follow daily?

I've always been a creature of habit, it's in my nature to be so, and change has caused discomfort and conscious adjustment. Emotionally I don't cope well with the change of season, I always end up quite flakey. But physically my favourite seasons are Autumn and Spring. I hate flying, and am always resistant to visiting new places, but once I settle, most of the time, I love it. Transitions are hard for me, and they take time.

With all of this being said, it wouldn't be a surprise to know that I like to structure my day. I like to start my day with my morning routine. Lemon tea, meditation, yoga and stretching, sunshine, nourishing breakfast, dry body brushing and a shower. Then I like to write a to-do list for the day. I usually write whether it's an AM or PM task and I work my butt off to get it all done. I've been this way for as long as I can remember (the list writing part). I think it comes from years of learning about productivity, and maybe even a place of guilt. In that if I don't do as much as I physically can each day, I'm not giving my best.

Since making the big life shifts that I have, my feelings towards structure are changing. I am feeling the benefits of releasing my expectations and going with the flow of life. Letting life take me where it wants too, and being ok with it. I think I'm learning to release control.

Now that I have experienced both rigid and flow, when I forget to release, I almost feel held back, foggy and my creativity falls away. I'm quite blown away by the difference a beautiful release can make.

Earlier this week I was feeling at a stand still with creativity. I had become used to a steady stream of creative ideas flowing to me everyday, and it halted. I felt like I was forcing it. So I took a step back, and went for a big walk with my dog. It was like the moment I released the pressure to create more ideas they just came to me. By the time we'd walked to the end of our street, I was already in creative mode. Along the walk I stopped 5 times to jot down my thoughts. Sitting to take in the view and enjoying the moment, and letting my thoughts flow.

When I got home I felt refreshed and inspired,

something I had momentarily lost

You can take this information and adapt it to you. You might be thinking ' this won't work for me, I have full time job, I can't just hope that I feel like doing my work or go for a big walk'. If this is how you feel, I challenge you to shift your thinking and build a solution that works for you. Maybe you can start by taking a walk to your car to 'grab something' when you feel overwhelmed. Or you could dedicate Sundays to yourself. As they say, A Sunday well spent brings a week of content'.

Rather than perfectly nutting out everyday of my life, these are the things I like to include, each week. For everything else, I'm learning to just go with the flow

  • Morning Routine Daily (includes meditation)
  • 2-4 yoga classes
  • Time outside in the sunshine
  • Phone calls and face to face time with my family
  • Disconnect from electronics and enjoy quality time with Michael
  • Play time with Kobe, my dog
  • Some time for me, doing what I feel like
  • Prepare yummy nutritious food
  • Time to just be

The workload I have is quite big, but I just do the best I can with what I have and let things flow. It's amazing how much comes to you, when you just release.

Throw caution to the wind and go with the flow.

Fly with the breeze, trust your intuition and embrace your truth.

You'll be surprised what's trapped under the surface!


Does this resonate with you? Would this work in your life? 

Share your thoughts in the comments below.