Finding your Truth

Last week I was lucky enough to write a guest post for my friends Lisa from Pilates by Lisa. It resonated with lots of people, so I thought I would share it with you in case you missed it. I hope you enjoy! 

Every single day we are faced with questions, and there is no shortage of answers or opinions out there to sway our judgement. We live in the age of information, which has so many benefits, but there are a lot of negatives too. Learning to find your truth, your beliefs and your own calm in all of chaos can be incredibly difficult.

Some of us are naturally outspoken. People like this have no trouble making their opinions heard, they may speak over the top of others, and if you are more submissive, you might find that you tend to go with the grain and follow their lead. This doesn’t mean that people who are outspoken shouldn’t be heard, it means that you need to remember to listen to your voice too.

Just because someone else’s voice is louder, it doesn’t mean it’s more powerful

I’m typically a submissive person, I like to sit back and watch things unfold then I like to analysis them later. I’m easily influenced because it’s in my nature to make people around me happy. However when I speak about something I’m passionate about and certain of, I want my voice to be heard.

It was only recently that I acknowledged a lot of my opinions were actually those of people around me. Without realising it, I had adopted other people’s beliefs without thinking about whether I feel the same way. I mean really digging deep and seeing whether these ideas and opinions fit with my core values. Realising and acknowledging this has been huge in my emotional growth over the past few months.

I want to share with you my 5 steps to finding your truth

1.    What you feel is ok!

Give yourself permission to be honest with yourself. You don’t have to feel the same way your loved ones do, you’re allowed to be different. What you feel inside is what makes you who you are. There is no one else on this Earth like you, and the Earth needs you to be you! (Obviously within the confines of the law)

2.    Release attachment

Attaching anger to someone’s beliefs isn’t going to do you, or them any good. Everyone is allowed to feel their own emotions and believe in what they like. It’s not your job to judge, nor is it theirs. This is also relevant when you share your newfound wisdom with others. Release attachment from the outcome, don’t look for validation from others in order to feel you’ve made the right decision. When you are honest with yourself, it’s always the right decision.

3.    Meditate

The list of benefits of meditation is endless. In this case it is perfect for connecting with yourself! Meditation allows you to turn inward, and listen to your body. It gives you mental clarity and strength, and helps with putting things in perspective.

4.    Do what you love

We’ve all heard this before, but that’s because it’s true. Before deciding to start my blog, I struggled with what direction I wanted my career to go in. I knew I loved wellness, in particular for women, but I wasn’t sure how that would fit into my future. So I just continued to focus my energy into the things I love, yoga, meditation, quality relationships and nourishing food; and put less energy into the things I didn’t enjoy. The more you do this, the more you life will shift.

We all have to do things we don’t like sometimes, but by focussing little energy on it, you free up more space for the good stuff!

5.    Trust the Universe

Or God, or whomever it is you believe is the higher power. I strongly believe that everything will unfold as it should. Sometimes we are faced with heartache, misfortune and downright pain, but there is always a lesson to be learned. If you are truthful with yourself, listen to your body, your inner voice and show love to others, you will be rewarded. Things will become clear to you in time, so sit tight and enjoy today! 

Does this resonate with you? I'd love you to share your thoughts below.

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