It's no secret that my wellness journey begun out a of a quest to find relief and heal my endometriosis, with the hope to fall pregnant. I was in a crisis situation, and turning to natural therapies and healing from within felt right for me. Since then, I have been on such a massive personal growth journey and although endometriosis was the trigger that started it all, my wellness journey is so much more than that now. 

I'm healthier both physically and mentally. I have a vision of what my future looks like, and my values are so clear. I have better relationships with my loved ones, have more love and respect for myself, and find joy in the small things. I've developed new passions, and am learning to let go of the things that aren't serving me anymore. The best part? I'm not even 12 months in!

The road hasn't, by any means, been easy, and I still deal with niggling issues everyday, but life is about exploring, learning and growing. There is no end product, it's a constant flow of growth, and I will strive to learn until the day I leave this beautiful Earth.

Just last week, I had a little hiccup, and it made me remember how far I had come. For months, I have been having regular acupuncture to help with pain associated with endometriosis, and it has been incredibly effective. For the first time in 11 years, I had experienced consistent pain free cycles. Life changing! For different reasons I missed a coupe of appointments, and found myself experiencing that all too familiar pain. Bed ridden, and determined to move through the pain without medication, I stopped to recognise how far I had come. Although the pain was so familiar, it almost seemed a lifetime ago that it was a part of my life. I felt detached to it. It's not a part of who I am anymore.  

It would be easy to feel that I had taken a backward step, ago be upset and defeated. I really believe that sometimes these things are sent to us as a little nod to our progress. A reminder to say 'Hey look how far you've come!'

When was the last time you stopped to acknowledge how far you have come in your journey? Really stopped to think about the way you used to live, and how you live now. Chances are you have made so much more progress than you think you have! Be proud of your achievements, and but more importantly, be kind to yourself when you fall down. 

I'd love you to share your thoughts on progress in the comments section below