A few weeks ago I decided to take a 'bedroom tech cleanse' in the hope it would help to improve my sleep. I intended to trial it for a week, but it has now been three, and I'm still going strong. 

I consistently sleep quite well, but had got into the habit of scrolling through my insta news feed, reading emails, and blogs before bed, and as soon as I woke. Plus I was sleeping with a phone by my bedside every night. I've created a new habit, of leaving my phone in the kitchen of an evening, and setting my alarm there.

By making this small shift, I have been able to spend more time reading books and magazines, something that I seemingly 'didn't have time for'. Filling my brain with useful information, rather than stimulating it right before bed. I have found that I fall asleep a lot quicker and the quality of my sleep is much better than before. It also means that I have more of a chance to chat with Michael. We tend to have conflicting schedules, and when we wake of a morning, we like to catch up a little bit and chat about the days ahead of us.

I'm still on the hunt for an alarm clock that I like the look of to put in our bedroom, I'm yet to find something that meets my needs. For now, my alarm is in the kitchen. It's good because it makes me hop out of bed, but sometimes on a cold morning, it's nice to lay there for another 5 minutes!

To be totally honest, there have been a couple mornings, that I have woken, made myself a hot lemon water, and hopped back into bed for some internet scrolling. But I'm ok with that. I think that creating too many rules for ourselves is limiting and stressful. Allowing myself to relax a little longer in the morning with a lemon tea and my Instagram feed every now and then, is totally ok by me! 

I'm really glad that I have made the effort to 'tech cleanse' our bedroom, it's a lot easier than I expected, and I noticed immediate benefits.  

Do you allow technology in you bedroom? How does it affect your sleeping patterns?