I believe in pushing the boundaries, trying things you never thought you would, always pushing for a better tomorrow while also appreciating things as they are right now. I know though, that it can really overwhelming when you begin a new wellness journey, and you can feel like you are overburdened with rules, guidelines and new steps to follow. 

I have been there. It almost creeps up on you. For me, it was about being excited and wanting to do everything, and change everything right away. I wanted to throw myself into my new lifestyle head first, and never look back. But in most cases this doesn't work. Even though it's what I wanted without a hesitation in my mind, it's physically really hard to change everything almost overnight. Don't get me wrong, some people do it, but the ones who do, are usually in a crisis situation, and are dealing with a life threatening illness. I don't think this makes it easier, but I do think it would give you a bigger reason to change.  

To avoid the overwhelm of a lifestyle shift, particularly with food, I like to set myself up to succeed. It sounds like a funny concept, but hear me out. By creating regular, small, realistic goals, you allow your journey to be a successful one. For example each weekend I decide on the things I would like to cook that week, the yoga classes I will get to and when I will take my dog for a walk. I add it to my diary, and make sure it realistically fits around my work and blogging schedule. This allows me to make little achievements everyday, without overwhelming myself, or feeling like I have failed.I do make sure that each goal is helping me grow to reach bigger goals, but it's really important to me to break it down into small manageable steps. 

How can you break down your big goals into smaller chunks that you can achieve everyday? Can you take one step today towards a bigger goal? I'd love you to share your thoughts on this concept in the comments section below, who knows, you might help someone else too!