Fashion in a Wellness World

For years I have worked in the fashion Industry amongst all of the models, stylists, photographers, agents, other hair and makeup artists and of course the egos. On Friday night, I went the a local fashion show for Gold Coast Fashion Week, with my Fashion blogger bestie Jeskaa Lee. It was a really fun night, but it definitely didn't make me miss working in that environment. It did however, get me thinking about the roll of fashion in a world of wellness.

Lets face it, the stereo type of a wellness warrior, is probably wearing tie-died dress, with dread locks and hairy underarms. Totally oblivious to the fashion world and not ready to conform. To me someone who dresses this way is sending a message to the outside world of,  'Hey I don't care about what I look like'. 

So where does fashion sit for me? It's all about respect and self expression. It's no big revelation that fashion is about self expression, it's been that way forever. But what we need to accept is whether we like fashion or not we are expressing ourselves to the world in a way to be interpreted. If you want to express a hardworking business minded woman to the world, you can do that with fashion. If you want to express a creative artist, you can do that too. Fashion allows us to literally where our heart on our sleeve, and to show others what we're about on the inside, from the outside. 

Although this might make you feel uneasy, it doesn't have to.

I think it's really cool that I can create an outfit, that will allow the people I meet to understand me better. 

It also comes down to respect. When deciding who you want to portray to the outside world, I believe you also need to be respectful. Of yourself, the clothing, the occasion you're attending and the people you are with. In my opinion this means choosing to wear something that is both expressive of you as a person, but also respectful of the circumstances. 

I love playing with clothing, trying new outfits, getting creative, wearing something a little different, and expressing who I am shamelessly. With these points in mind, I encourage you to do the same! 

What are your views on fashion in the wellness world?