Changing your beauty routine to a clean chemical free one takes time and experimenting. For a long time I was a beauty therapist and makeup artist by trade, and let me tell you it's no easier for me! 

Our skin is our largest organ, a direct path straight into our bodies, and a highway to our bloodstream. It's an amazing barrier that protects us from thousands of things every single day, and it needs to be loved and nurtured from the inside out. It's no secret that the answer to great skin is about what is happening inside our bodies, with this being said, it is also important that we love and protect it on the outside too. 

When I really thought about it; I mean really thought about it, my internal body and external body became the same thing. It might sound strange, because of course they are same thing, let me explain. When I decided to respect my skin in the way that I respect my internal organs like my lungs, my liver, and my stomach, suddenly it became impossible for me to use anything that didn't nourish me from the outside as well. 

My quest for the perfect natural beauty products begun (and continues). Today I'm sharing with you a natural safe organic sunless tanning product. Eco Tan Winter Skin.  


To prepare my skin I exfoliated with my homemade organic coffee scrub, prior to my first application.


Once daily application for 3 days 


I'm not going to lie, I did struggle to get good photos to show the change in colour over the few days between photos, hopefully you are able to get a good idea from these two pics. Either way, I suggest giving it a go for yourself! 

Why do I love it?  

It ticks all of my boxes when it comes to what I'm ok with putting on my skin, but that's not enough, it has to be simple and effective. Hello winner! I apply this moisturising gradual tan once or twice a day, wash my hands, and it does it's job. No fake tan odour, no chemicals and no mess on clothes or sheets.  

I did test it out without washing my hands after, just to see how bad it was, and I only had a little bit of colour between my fingers. Which is great to know! 

I also experimented with not rubbing it in evenly, and I had no streaky marks at all! It's honestly the best gradual self tanning product I've used, and the fact that it's organic makes it the best by a long shot! Eco Tan Winter Sun, is quite a light weight moisturiser, which makes it easy for spreading. My skin is dry at the moment, which is a large part due to the colder Winter weather, so I found it worked best when I applied it of an evening, then used coconut oil to moisturise in the morning, just to give it an extra boost of hydration. 

What I discovered

One application, surprisingly gives a generous amount of colour, but it's designed to be really easy to continuously build. With my daily application I have been able to maintain a really nice golden colour. Perfect for winter.  

I'm naturally fair, and like my sunless tan to be natural, which Winter Sun is. This product is about creating a natural glow, and is the perfect amount of colour for what I like. Everyone's different though, so make sure you try it for yourself. 

For the application process, it's really just applying moisturiser. It doesn't feel like you are 'tanning' rather just hydrating your skin. Personally, the fact that it is that easy, makes it so much more appealing to use. 

Keep in mind  

It's easy to forget to get your daily dose if Vitamin D when you have a sunless tan. Be sure to spend some time in the sun even though you are already bronzed!  

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What clean beauty products do you swear by?

I'd love you to share them below.