I'm super excited to see Elle Fit Active on my blog today. I'm inspired by the confidence, direction and almost 'I've been here before' nature of Elle. She knows what she loves, and she spends as much time as she can doing it! 

Tell us a little bit about who you are...

My name is Eliza (or Elle on Insta). I’m 23, in my final year of Law at university, an entrepreneur and boss at Elle Fit Active hehe. I prefer to be outside – sun and surf yes please, I’m energetic, impatient, passionate about many things, a to-do list addict and have a laugh like a hyena.

 How did you get here? Was there a moment where everything changed?

I’ve always been very active with a pretty strong zest for life, but I’ve had a few bumps in the road since finishing high school. Chronic fatigue and a bunch of food sensitivities made for an interesting few years. At the beginning of 2013 it got to the point where I was sick of feeling lethargic and not knowing the cause, so I made a pact to get to the bottom of my health issues. Back pain from scoliosis sent me on a yogi bear journey and I started documenting this on my elle_fit Instagram. 


What does a regular day look like for you?

I’m not sure what regular means anymore. But if you mean something different every day, long hours doing something I love and being surrounded by inspiring souls then I guess I’m happy to call that regular. Early mornings, active life, adventures and new ventures, good food and even better company. Oh and full time uni.

What are your favourite ways to get active? 

I can’t pick. Yoga, surfing, running, swimming, climbing, stand up paddle boarding – you name it. I’m always up for something new. 

What are the three most important things that you do each day? 

Laugh. Be thankful. Get bendy.

In your eyes what does a Whole Housewife look like? 

She is everything and anything.

It’s my dream to …

Keep diving into new ventures, meeting extraordinary others, growing as a person, remembering to be peaceful and doing what I love every day. 


I believe that…

Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.

Today I’m grateful for…

Being able to spend more time with my beautiful family who are as weird as I am.

For a better tomorrow we must …

Be kind.

What is your favourite meal of the day? 

Breakfast hands down. Poached eggs and avo on gf toast – nothing will ever take that special place in my stomach. Green smoothies because I get a bunch of good stuff in one hit (I’m no masterchef so they are perfect).

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Don’t let your dreams be dreams!

Get Bendy 

Elle has been kind enough to share some of favourite stretches from her Get Bendy guide. For more, get your copy here. 

Follow Elle...

Instagram @elle_fit & @ellefitactive