By now you've probably heard of the concept of Grounding or Earthing. You may have heard some of it's benefits, and possibly even experienced them for yourself. 

The Grounded, follows one mans discovery and personal journey of Earthing. It's extraordinary the impact he has on his community and those around him, in moving towards a more Grounded life. 

This film seems a little lower budget than others that I've seen lately, and doesn't have quite as many experts speaking, but the evidence is clear, and you see the benefits before your eyes, and that's good enough for me! 

It really highlighted to me how little I am directly in contact with the earth. I live in suburbia, have a garden and do yoga in the park, but at the moment I don't think I would be spend more than an hour in contact with the Earth each week! It is worth noting, that it's Winter at the moment. It's time to start going barefoot! 

You can watch The Grounding here

I'd love you to share your thoughts on Grounding or Earthing as a healing mechanism, and also any nuggets you picked up from this Doco.