Do you work with your hands, on a computer or anything where your focus is forward? Chances are your posture could do with a little improving. I'm so excited to share this little webisode with you from my beautiful yoga teacher Madonna Williams

I asked Madonna to guide us through a sequence that would help to open and release the chest, and strengthen the back. This will assist with posture, headaches, back pain, tightness through the neck, shoulders and chest, and will also help with stress management. 

It's a win win! 

As a child and teenager I was a dancer, and spent loads of time working on strengthening my body. Posture was never something I had to consider because it came naturally to me. As I have gotten older and no longer dance, I have noticed my shoulders slowly come forward, and I experience a lot more neck pain. Until diving into yoga, nothing really helped. I hope you have a the same success I have had and enjoy the process! 

If you haven't done yoga before, take it slowly, really move with your breathe, and just work within your own limits. Repeat this routine as much a you like, and notice the benefits!

I'd love to hear what you thought of this sequence, or any other ailments you would like help with in the comments section below.