If you've been following me on Instagram, chances are you're probably sick of my holiday snaps (sorry!) but I just couldn't get over how beautiful the weather was in Airlie Beach. It was hard to believe it was the middle of winter. Warm sunny days by the pool. It really couldn't of been more beautiful. 

Weather aside, I really enjoyed catching up on some much needed time with my girlfriends. Unfortunately we don't live that close together, Jess is an hour drive away, and Elle twelve hours drive away, so spending five days together non-stop was so special! 

We kept the holiday fairly low key, lots of relaxing by the pool, walks, yoga, mediation, and some yummy food. Happy healthy eaters (like me!) be warned, Airlie Beach leaves a little to be desired in the healthy food department. Believe it or not, we were hard pressed trying to find somewhere that did freshly squeezed juice. Lucky enough, their was a supermarket right near our accommodation, so we ended up cooking most of our own food. 

We adventured to a waterfall just out of town, which was absolutely beautiful. It was just trickling at that point which meant we could climb right to the top, where the water would normally flow through. The view from the top was amazing, and I really felt blessed to see it from that angle. One day I will go back and see it in full flow, and remember the time I stood there!


Have you been to Airlie Beach? Do you have any travel tips to share?