Taking the first step in your meditation practice (yes meditation, not mediation for those of you who receive my emails - holy embarrassing, woops!), can be difficult. You might be unsure of what you're supposed to be doing, you might not be able to calm your thoughts and you might be easily distracted. I only know this because this was true for me, and sometimes still is. Learning to meditate is incredibly simple, while also being hugely difficult. 

For this reason sometimes I use meditation aids, in the form of music or a guided meditation. I wanted to share with you a couple of my current favourites. To start off with, I suggest trying a guided meditation, and once you feel comfortable, just go with what feels right for you. These are my two favourite guided mediations at the moment, as well as some music that connects for me.

Melissa Ambrosini for Lorna Jane  

Deepak Chopra 

Meditation Music  

Videos and audios are also great to help you keep track of time. If none of these are your style, try searching you tube. I suggest including the time you want to meditate for in your search to help with narrowing it down. 

Do you have a guided meditation or music compilation you love to meditate to? Share it with us so we can try it too!