There's a fun little blog hop heading around the interweb's at the moment called Why I Write. It's all about giving an insight into what writing looks like for different bloggers. Beautiful Helen from The Little Sage, has passed the baton to me. You can read her Why I Write response here

I really enjoyed answering these questions, and in fact I learnt a little bit about myself while doing it. Writing brings me clarity, helps me make sense of the mumbo jumbo running around in my mind, and allows me to connect with you guys; which I love! And so, here you go...

What am I working on? 

At the moment I'm focusing a lot of time and energy into my ebook due to release this year. It's an account of my wellness journey, the nuggets I've picked up along the way, and a bunch of simple to follow steps that you will be able to implement right away to start living a happier, healthier life. Last week I had a massive shift and all the areas I was resisting writing about, just seemed to flow, and my first draft is now finito! I also have a name, which I'm going to stew on a little longer before I share it with you. 

Aside from my book, I'm also working on building my blog. As you probably know, The Whole Housewife is only in its first year. Over the next few months you can expect to see my face popping up on some awesome blogs in the way of a guest post. (I'm manifesting this one!)

How does my writing style differ from others in my genre?  

This is a really tough question for me to answer because I try not to compare myself to others, and I find it really hard. Kind of like how every mother thinks their child is gorgeous... So I'm going to change this slightly, and say 'How would I describe my writing style'  

I feel that my style is natural, honest and warming. When you read my blog, I want you to feel like I'm talking to you. I like my words on paper to be just like the ones that come from my mouth. I've been told by lots of different people that both my presence and my writing are very grounding, which warms my heart incredibly. 

Why do I write?  

I've never considered myself a writer; really until now. I'm ready to put that hat on. Naturally I'm a really creative person. It's always been my strong suit, and now that I'm applying myself to writing, I'm absolutely loving it. It's become therapeutic, and helps me to find clarity in my thoughts. If my voice can't find the words, my hands often can. 

I love that in creating The Whole Housewife I'm creating a platform to discuss things that don't often get discussed. I love that I am building something that I couldn't find myself. Being able to communicate with women all over the world is blowing my mind! 

How does my writing process work? 

For my blog posts, I find inspiration in so many different places. Questions I ask, lessons I learn, stories from friends, events in my own life. Whenever I find inspiration, I write it down. I don't always use the ideas straight away, but I have this inspiration list that is always growing and changing. I like to roughly plan out my blog posts each week, but they often change as the week goes on and I feel connections to different topics.

It's really important to me that I don't force my writing. It needs to flow and be natural. If it doesn't feel right in that moment, I won't go there.  

If I have a big writing session ahead of me, I like to eat, meditate and then get into my creative zone. Although everything I do is online, I love actually putting pen to paper, making mind maps, and drawing with my words. For some reason it seems to flow better for me. This is how I have done a lot of the writing for my ebook. I also love to change up the scenery. My lounge room, in the sun, at the beach, in the park. It brings new inspiration and clarity nearly every time! And keeps me away from distractions. 

To sum it up, I hope for my writing to be honest, warm, and natural, full of love and allow my passion for wellness to shine through. I don't like to make too many rules for myself, and just go with what feels right. Listen to my intuition. The further I get into my journey, the more I'm learning that to follow my gut is the only way.  

I'd now like to pass on the baton to Tara Bliss (read her response here), Jess Marshall, Kate Toholka and Kelsy Smith