I'm so excited to introduce this weeks Blissful Babe, Helen. The beautiful woman behind The Little Sage. In every way Helen communicates she breathes kindness, love and a warm mothering nurture. As I delve deeper into my intuition and learn to encourage and support it, Helen has been a great guide. I've found so much creative inspiration through her blog. I'm sure you will too!

Tell us a little bit about who you are.

I’m Helen… I’m married to an amazing man, Gary and we are parents to a beautiful two year old, Isla; I’m the founder of and I’m also a psychic and a medium.

Other than the whole psychic-thing finding me, everything else now in my life came to me as a result of following my intuition – you could say I’m intuition’s biggest fan. I selfishly practice self-love and self care; I’m an Ayurveda-devotee and I’m trying to live in sync with life’s natural rhythm.

How did you get here? Was there a moment where everything changed? 

Yes! When the whole psychic-thing found me. That was back in 2001. I learnt I could communicate with the spirit of my aunt who had just passed away. Many of my childhood experiences came into sharper focus from that point too – I realised I’d actually been doing this my whole life. I chose to ignore it, which meant switching off my connection and listening to me head. It didn’t work.

By 2008 it all changed again. I decided to listen to this inner voice, an inner pull that said I had to learn more about my ability. That was the first decision I made by listening to my inner voice – and I haven’t stopped since. Now every decision is made that way and with a pretty good track record now.

What does a regular day looks like for you?

Every day starts with cuddles with my loves. We all get ready together and try and breakfast together everyday.

Then, my week is split into two.

Monday through Thursday are my working days and Isla is in kindy, so these days start with the drop off and I head back home to my office (now with it’s own courtyard) and sit outside to meditate, journal and intuitively check in on my day ahead. I try and spend the first half of the day working on creative projects for The Little Sage before a mid-morning break with homemade chai tea. I work through til lunch, which is usually spent away from my desk, hopefully outside. The afternoon is more administrative, checking in on the TLS team, fielding emails and following up stock orders and paperwork. I collect Isla in the afternoon and we play, prepare dinner (we try and cook according to Ayurveda 80% of the time) and just get into the swing of the evening. Again, we try and have dinner as a family. Gary then hangs out with Isla while I have some downtime. And once she’s asleep we either spend some time together or return to our individual passions.

The other days of the week are pure family time. Meditating and journaling are definitely in these days too, but wherever I can fit it in around a busy two-year old. And we are fairly active on these days – spending time by the river, walking, in the park and catching up with our family and friends.

What are your favourite ways to get active?

Gently! I’ve never been one for too much activity. Walking and yoga are my go-to activities. Depending on the season, I’ll walk more or less. And I try and yoga a couple of times a week.

What are the three most important things that you do each day?

Cuddle with my loves.



It’s my dream to …

Remind people they already have all the answers they’ll ever need inside of them. I want to live in a world where this is taught to children from birth. And I want to spread this message from a place by the beach where Gary and I raise our children and are both very hands on and each follow our passions, teaching our children to do the same.

I believe that…

You are here for a very important reason, no matter the size or scope of that reason. Every person is valid and an important thread to the tapestry of life. I believe that you can access this innate knowledge by understanding not only your intuition but also your energetic and psychic make-up. It’s actually not as weird or hard as it sounds.

Today I’m grateful for…

Every experience I’ve had which has led me to precisely this point. Everything is in perfect divine right order.

For a better tomorrow we must …

Forgive, heal, accept and love who we are and where we are today.

What is your favourite meal of the day? 

Breakfast. And typically I like to enjoy this meal out in the company of others (usually that means Gary and Isla). According to Ayurveda coffee is not best for me, but I do love my morning coffee! It’s my weakness. If I’m eating out, I love a wholesome breakfast, usually something like avocado and gluten free bread, eggs and mushrooms. At home, this season we’ve been making Poha most mornings, which is a rice porridge with spices like cardamom, cinnamon and fennel cooked with organic milk (or your milk of choice) and sultanas. Yum. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Follow your heart; it knows where you’re going. 

Intuitive Check-In

You can follow the guide below to help you check in intuitively each morning (or throughout your day) or tweak it as you wish.

Sit in quiet meditation; let your breathing fall into its own natural rhythm and just focus on what’s happening in your body. Notice how you feel, the sensations. Notice where you feel tired, tight and restricted. What’s this trying to tell you? Ask yourself what you need more of. Where have you been pushing too hard? Where do you need to slow down, change direction, or simply wait? Ask yourself simple questions like… What does your body want for breakfast? What does it want to wear today? How does it want to move? Listen to the subtle voice, just below the surface – it is loving, open, pure, non-judgemental. It is your intuition and it is telling you what you most need today, in this moment. Take a deep breath and commit to honouring what you’ve learned – even if it is against the grain. Your body knows your path and it is trying to lead your forward.

 You can try this practice throughout the day too and, if you can, journal your experience afterwards. You may find for a few days or weeks you keep hearing the same thing, so keep honouring what you find. When your body is ready for something new, you’ll start to get a different message and you’ll know you’re making progress. 

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