Naturally spring is all about getting rid of the old and welcoming the new. Re-birthing, starting fresh, new hobbies, new ventures. It's my favourite time of year! It's also typically a time for a 'spring clean'. I've spoken before about decluttering, and creating clean, clutter free spaces in your home, allowing yourself a clutter free mind. Today it's all about cleaning your home the clean way. 

When was the last time you thought about the type of chemicals you're using to keep your home free of germs? Have you ever considered that they might actually be harmful to your health, and also our beautiful environment? If you're like me, this might be a new concept to you. When Michael and I first move in together, I went to the supermarket and loaded up on bleach, toilet cleaner, glass cleaner, gumption. The whole bit, and thoughtlessly 'cleaned' our home. 

Over the last few months I have been slowly implementing better solutions for cleaning our home, that are much better for Michael and I, and the environment. 

Why is it so important to use chemical free cleaning products? 

For starters there are over 120,000 chemicals being used in our foods, body products, cleaning products etc and only about 4% of them have ever been tested for safety. Limiting our exposure to these in every way possible, can only be beneficial to our health. It's a pretty alarming fact. Especially when you consider the rise of illness since the common use of chemicals. But for me, the biggest factor that has deterred me is the synthetic oestrogen that makes its way from the products, into our bodies, and causes all kinds of hormonal disruptions. So much so, that baby boys are being born with improperly formed genitals, and young men are growing breasts. I know. Crazy. And in women, the rate of PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome), Endometriosis and other fertility conditions are rising quickly. 

The good news is, that great cleaning the healthy way is actually really easy. I've found that swapping your products to healthier alternatives is really inexpensive too. 

What I use 

Using these few products I'm able to clean our whole house! 

Make up a spray bottle with water and apple cider vinegar, I use this for almost everything! 

How I do it

SHOWER - ACV & water mix + a scrubbing brush. I find this gets rid of all of the grime, and any mould. Spray generously and leave to soak for at least 15 minutes, then scrub. If you have trouble with mould though, you can add some clove oil. 

MIRRORS & GLASS - ACV & water mix, ENJO recommend just using water though + ENJO indoor miracle cloth 

TOILET - ACV & water mix + toilet brush. Spray and sol for 10 minutes, then scrub. 

SURFACES - Remove dust with ENJO Dust glove, then clean any marks with with ACV + water mix or ENJO Miracle Cloth + water

BATH - For soap scum, make a paste with water + bicarb. Scrub the bath, the rinse with water

TAPS & METAL - You can either use ACV + water mix, or a bicarb + water paste, depending on the surface and what you need to clean 

FLOOR - I use Kin Kin dishwashing liquid (sparingly) mixed with hot water in a mop bucket to clean my tiles 

DISHES - We don't have a dishwasher, all dishes are done by hand with the Kin Kin Dishwashing Liquid 

OVEN - Make a paste with bicarb + water, paint all over the oven surfaces. Leave for at least 6 hours, overnight is best. Remove the paste (and scum) with warm water and a cloth 

FRIDGE - Warm soapy water (Kin Kin Dishwashing Liquid) and a cloth

STAINLESS STEEL - Bicarb + water paste. This is AMAZING on stainless steel sinks! 

You might like to play around with some essential oils, and adding them to your cleaning as well. I recommend Doterra. 

I'd love you to share any healthy cleaning tips you have in the comments section below! 


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