Tell us a bit about who you are...

I founded and teach Yoga for ‘Zen Soul Life’ based on the Gold Coast… now a thriving Yoga community between Paradise Point and Main Beach. I wrote a book called ‘Zen Soul Your Life’ which was a dream come true and I relished writing about Yoga, meditation, healthy delicious food, positive thinking and loving vibes! I created ZenSoulLife to host my Yoga classes, retreats, my favourite things in the book and new products that I develop or ones that I simply love to support and share!

How did you get here? Was there a moment where everything changed?  

I’m not sure really. Blinded by love and passion for what I love most, what I do best, what helps others and what helps me. I think my journey has evolved from a very young age of caring and sharing to seeking health and happiness and now true empowerment, healing and balance! I sincerely love helping others let go of blocks, fears, sadness, anger or whatever it is that may be limiting their true happiness and fulfilling their dreams and potential. If students, guests, friends or family seek my help I’m always there for them. I think there have been MANY moments when lots of things changed and shifted gears. It was an abundance of moments! I’ve been blessed to do lots of intense training with exercise science, health science, Yoga studies, meditation, mindfulness, energy and nutrition. Perhaps also significant moments have been the most challenging ones of depression, illness, grief and loss. I think its all these moments that have blessed me with knowledge, an ocean of compassion and a true commitment to what I do and love so much.

What does a regular day looks like for you?

5am wakeup, meditate. My intention during meditation is to feel the bliss of full presence at that incredibly divine time of day.  Sometimes I chant or listen to chants and sing along. I also meditate on 5 things that I’m deeply grateful for in my life at that moment. Drink ‘Welcome to Earth’ alkalising tonic from my book.
6am - 9.30am Teaching Yoga classes and enjoy piece of fruit (apple, banana or mandarin) between classes
9.30-10am Cheeky superfood smoothie orcuppa with awesome Yogi students. Extra long session on Saturday!
10.30am Morning tea
11 - 4.30pm Writing, creating, admin and business attention. I usually make yummy lunches at home but may treat myself on Fridays if I can find a date!
4.30 - 7pm - I like to cook, clean, tidy and and get organised for the three men in the house. Partner and two teens!
After 7pm I teach one night and massage another or I read.
Friday and Saturday nights I like to dance! Where? Anywhere I happen to be! Week nights I like to be in bed by 9-9.30pm. I try to follow the Chi Cycle day plan which I teach at my retreats.

What are your favourite ways to get active? 

I teach between 8-10 classes most weeks so that’s a big part of my ‘active’ and on SundaysI either love to hike in the rainforest, climb a mountain, long walk on a glorious beach or a dreamy walk along the Broadwater with my cutie dog ‘Sparky’! I’m a big fan of snow skiing but that’s my dream holiday every 2 years or so.

What are the three most important things that you do each day? 

Live in the moment

Love myself and my family and prepare food for all of us.

Help others become happier, healthier and more positive in life!

It’s my dream to …

Own my own Yoga and meditation studio (chapel/cathedral roof) with a healthy cafe attached for the BEST of smoothies, juices, all organic super healthy, gluten free breakfast and lunch deliciousness! The studio would also offer pilates, massage and acupuncture! 

I believe that…

Every individual on the planet has the potential to heal and empower their lives through Yoga and meditation…one person and one community DOESmake a difference. 

Today I’m grateful for… 

YOU! I love you! I really appreciate your authenticity, intelligence, beautiful artistic website creation and your passion for health and wellness. I’m also in awe of your own healing journey and your loving approach to life.

For a better tomorrow we must …

Open our hearts to the power of stillness and mindfulness to connect to the deep well of love within us. I love this quote…“Go to the well of deep love inside each of us. Be generous and grateful’ by RUMI

We need to honour ‘The Four Agreements’ written by Don Miguel Ruiz .

We need to connect and support each other. My fave song at the moment is “The truth is that we’re all connected’! by Mary Isis

What is your favourite meal of the day?

I love lunch. I can eat slowly on my back deck with the sun on my back without time pressure. Today I had tempeh, pumpkin seeds, kale, tahini, turmeric, chilli and avocado with coconut amines sauce and celtic salt. Oh YUM! 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

'All the love you seek exists within you' Accessing our own well of love is an eternal source of beautiful powerful energy and 'Always look your best' from my Nanna who was born in 1906.

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