Finding Joe explores 20th Century Mythologist Joseph Campbell's concept of The Hero's Journey. Each of us following the same path. A circle. Going away. Slaying dragons. And finally returning home. Actualised, clear, and changed. 

I love how this film was broken down, and made easy to understand. It also used great screen play from a group of children to help tell the story. Might I add, that the filming is definitely up there with the best I've seen on a documentary. Beautiful to watch!

This film is for those who seek to find their purpose, their true self, and discover the opportunities that arise from engaging with your bliss. Finding Joe features Rashida Jones, Tony Hawk, Deepak Chopra, Laird Hamilton and Mick Fleetwood. Some huge names! I don't believe these big name are featured for their celebrity status, but because they are living their bliss. Engaged with their passions, and thriving because above all else they do what they love.

I found this film so inspiring, and thought provoking. I know that each time I watch it, I will gain something new. Do yourself a favour and watch Finding Joe!

See Finding Joe Here.