Probably not the topic on the top of your 'to discuss' list, but that's ok. You're here now, so you may as well get the goss! 

I'm going to beat the drum again... What we put in and on our bodies, either has the ability to support our health, or hinder it. The same goes for oral care. Have you ever read the label of your toothpaste? Let me fill you in, it says 'do not swallow'. Not because it's inconvenient or tastes wierd, but because it's laced with chemicals and is harmful to your health. Same goes for the burning mouth wash that's in your cupboard. 

Don't worry though, I have the solution! Everything I use to care for my mouth and teeth is pictured above (minus the cactus! Ouch!) Here's what I use... 


This stuff is fantastic! Certified organic, tasty, and super close to what you are used to using, in terms of flavour and texture. In fact, the essential oils used in DBTK actually support your health. Meaning it will not only clean your teeth, but your body will be better off for using it. It's a win win really! 

TIP - Wet your toothbrush before putting the Tooth Mousse on, rather than after. It's a little slippery and it might slide off. Get it here.


How often do you change your toothbrush? Fortnightly? Monthly? How many is that in a lifetime? I did the maths, and it's roughly 1000 toothbrushes into landfill per person, in a lifetime. Crazy! That's a whole lot of pressure on the environment to break down all of that plastic, not to mention the thought of subjecting your body to direct exposure and contact with plastic twice a day (or more) for your whole life. 

I use an eco-friendly bamboo tooth brush, that I bought from my local health food store. It works just as well, is way more attractive, and cheaper! I think I pay about $3.50. Switch yours this week!


Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurveda daily ritual that was used for oral hygiene, to prevent illness, strengthen the jaw, maintain healthy skin, keep lips hydrated, improve taste… The list goes on! Traditionally sesame oil was used, but any cold pressed organic oil will do the trick! Personally I like to use coconut oil, because it’s one of the only oils we use in our house, and it tastes yummy!

Each morning, when I first wake up, on an empty stomach, I swish one tablespoon of cold pressed organic coconut oil in my mouth for 20 minutes. I then spit it into the bin, and thoroughly brush my teeth and mouth. The oil attracts all of the bacteria sitting in your mouth, and when you spit it out, you’re removing the bacteria too. For this reason, it is so important that you don’t swallow the oil.

Since I’ve been oil pulling I have generally clearer skin – especially around my chin area, softer lips, increased oral hygiene (better breath, no bleeding gums when brushing etc) and noticeably whiter teeth. 

As another alternative, Divine by Therese Kerr, also has a mouth rinse. I'm yet to try it out, so if you have, or if you've tried something else we should all know about, I'd love you to share your thoughts in the comments section below. You might help someone find the answer they've been looking for.