The fact that this drug will probably be available soon, is really disheartening for me, because I know that we are capable of healing ourselves if we really want to. The thought that Doctors will be prescribing this to thousands of women who are vulnerable and scared, I'm sure at the drop of a hat, is really scary.

For anyone who has endometriosis and wants to avoid a lifetime of medication, pain, and being a victim, I've put together a little list of the things that I have done to live medication and pain free with endometriosis, and support my body to heal all on it's own. Because that's what it wants to do. Our bodies naturally want to repair themselves. When we know how to help them, that's when the magic happens!


Stress is the biggest cause of illness, full stop. Remove it from your life, or reduce it as much as possible. Re evaluate your priorities, and decide whether that high stress job is really worth it to you. I decided that it wasn't. And for Michael and I that meant financial sacrifices. But in the grand scheme of things, what good is money if you aren't happy and healthy? Rid yourself of the limiting belief that in order to be successful, you need to be running on adrenaline. 

I also highly recommend supportive exercise for stress relief. This is the opposite to 'thrashing' yourself. Because believe it or not, that is putting stress on your body, just in a different way. Support your body with walking, light jogging, stretching, yoga, pilates, paddle boarding. Find a gentle exercise that works for you. If you love cross fit, I'm not telling you to give it up, just make sure you find a balance between light and hard. 


I have found through my own research, and just chatting to women with endo, that there is a big link between Celiacs disease and endometriosis. Most women who I have met who have endometriosis are coeliac or at least have some intolerance as well. I'm not a healthcare professional, but it's really common sense. Your digestive organs and reproductive organs are extremely close together. If one is inflamed, chances are, the other will be effected. 

Stop eating processed foods, refined sugar, wheat, dairy and limit your consumption of meat to what feels right for you. They wreak havoc on our endocrine system, and liver, majorly disrupting hormone levels and 'feed' endo with what it needs to grow.

Fill you tummy with nutrient rich foods from the earth. Lots of leafy greens, vegetables, fruit, smoothies, veggie curries, salads. There are hundreds (actually, probably thousands) of resources available online filled with great nutrient rich recipes. You can start by flicking through my site.


We all have our issues, the things that keep us up at night, but it's so important to work through those in order to move forward. Especially if you have negative feelings towards your body associated with your endometriosis. These victimising, 'why me' thoughts will hold you back from where you need to be. For me, mediation and journaling have been great for this. I also saw a psychologist for a little while, which was pretty good too. But I had the best results from working on myself, with myself. Find out what works for you, and stick to it. It's after these hard times that we soar. 


I'm a huge advocate for acupuncture. It has been monumental in pain relief and helping my body heal. Soon after I begun acupuncture I noticed my pain reducing, a sign to me that rather than getting worse, or staying stagnant, my body was healing. Holy wow. Healing. The realisation that I am getting healthier, fills me with joy. It re-affirmed to me that I'm not crazy, in fact, kind of the opposite! 

Give it a try, but make sure you see someone reputable. I LOVE my acupuncturist and if you're on the Gold Coast you can see him too. Go here. If not, ask for referrals from friends, other alternative health professionals etc. (If you have a great acupuncturist in your area, share their details in the comments section at the bottom of this post, you might help out someone in your area)

On a side note, don't be scared of the needles. I was so petrified when I went to my first appointment, that I almost didn't go in. Most of the time you can't feel them, and if you do feel it, it's more like a pinch than a needle. 


Learning to love and accept my body for what it is, what it does, and how incredible it is, has truly opened my heart to healing. I tell myself every day that I am proud of my journey, I'm happy to be on this road, and that I'm truly amazed that my body is able to heal itself and take care of me. 

Connect with yourself, learn to love and appreciate everything about you, including the stuff that's hard to love. Be kind to you beautiful! 


Stop, relax, read a book, lay in the sun, go to bed early. Stop running from one task to the next. Those spaces between are when your body has time to heal. Allow it that time.


The world we live in has taught us that if we want something, we can get it right away. But healing naturally takes time. For the best results, you need to make lifestyle changes that you can stick to forever. It seems like a big ask, but the reward is absolutely worth it! Accept that your body needs time, and appreciate the process. A week of changes is getting you on the right path, but you will need to commit to longer than that to see great results. In saying that, when I 'stepped up' my lifestyle, I noticed little changes within just a couple of months. 

What have you done to help heal yourself? I'd love you to share your insights below, who knows you may just have the information that someone was looking for!