Last night I did a guest yoga class with Patrick Beach at Essence of Living. Patrick is a USA  based yogi who travels the world teaching his passion. (Holy wow of a job!) I was a little hesitant to go, mostly because I'm such an introvert, and often struggle stepping outside of my comfort zone. I knew once I was there I would love it, so I pushed myself to go. I think it's important to learn when you should and shouldn't push yourself. Stepping outside your comfort zone, and stretching yourself is where it's at; you just have to know when to be gentle too. 

The class was incredible, and if you saw my instagram post last night, you would be able to see that I got a lot from it. Physically it was challenging, but I was able to see how my practice is improving, and left feeling incredibly strong, but hugely fatigued as well! 

For the first part of the class, our eyes were closed. Moving through, as Patrick guided us through with our breathe. I found this a great way to connect with my body and feel how it moves, without the distraction of my wondering eyes. Yes I need to work on my drishti. (eye focus) 

But for me, the most powerful part of the class, was the savasana. For anyone who hash't done yoga, after the physical moving, stretching, twisting, bending, inverting; right at the end of the class, we stop lay on our backs, and surrender. Have a quiet moment to ourselves, tune into our body, and appreciate that we have given ourselves this time. Something Patrick said during savasana, brought an instant smile to my face, and has stuck with me. 

Connect to what your yoga practice means for you today, because we are all different everyday

Ahh! Yes we are. So simple but so true, both in yoga and in life. We need to appreciate that some things will come easy to us somedays, and other days they will seem near impossible. Human beings are complex creatures, but understanding the natural flow of life, the up's and downs, allows you to be kinder to yourself, and recognise, that naturally, things change everyday. 

Forcing against it, and pushing yourself at the wrong time, isn't the answer. It's about trusting your body to tell you what it needs and when. And maybe; trusting the universe to tell you what you need and when..... Be kind to yourself today, recognise that you are different to who you were yesterday, and different to who you will be tomorrow. Live now, embrace who you are today, and give today's you what she needs! 

Head to Patrick's instagram (and check out those handstands!) to see if he's teaching near you.