You've probably seen these lamps on the inter webs, or possibly even in home magazines. They're becoming quite a fashionable piece about the home! Aside from their beauty, and the gentle light they emit, Himalayan Salt lamps have loads of benefits.

What is it? 

A piece of salt taken from the himalaya's hollowed out in the centre. The lamp is fixed to a wooden base and a light bulb is attached underneath, then plugged into a power point.

Himalayan salt in any form, is referred to as the most pollution free type of salt. (Yep, you should eat this one too!) It's sourced from such a high altitude that it's believed to not come into contact with any pollution at all. 

How does it work? 

I was first introduced to these lamps years ago, but only bought one for our home recently. When I heard they were fantastic for inflammation in the body, I had to try it out. Just in case you didn't already know this, all illness in the body is caused by some type of inflammation, so reducing it in any way possible, can be beneficial for everyone! 

Himalayan Salt lamps help to reduce the positive ions in the atmosphere. You know when you look into the light and you see little bits of dust floating in the air? Those are positively charged ions. Himalayan salt lamps turn these into negative ions, which in turn, grounds the 'dust'. (These lamps are great for asthma sufferers)

You know that 'clean air' feeling at the top of a mountain climb? That's similar to what these salt lamps create for your home. Cleansing our air and helping balance our bodies for us! 

Where should I put it? 

We have ours in our living area, because that's where we spend most of our time. For the best effects you need to be within a couple of meters of the lamp, so make sure it's somewhere you spend a lot of time. I'm also planning to put one in our bedroom and in my office. 

They come in different sizes. As it would suggest, the bigger ones are best for bigger areas, and small for smaller areas. 

To reduce the electro-magnetic pollution caused by eletronic equipment, place your himalayan salt lamp close by! 

I also think these would be a great 'night light' if you have kiddies. They emit a soft gentle glow, and also help them sleep more soundly. When I have little ones, they will have one right by their bed.

My personal experience

Since having one in our home, I wouldn't say I have noticed a big change in my health, and to be honest it would be hard to judge, as I'm always trying lots of new wellness things at once. So there are lots of factors to consider. But there definitely hasn't been a change for the worse. I think once I have a couple more around the house, increasing our exposure, I'll probably notice more benefits. 

I bought mine from my acupuncture clinic, but you can also get them from most health food stores, and online. They are quite heavy though, so expect a big postage price tag. 

A little fun fact for you, for the best benefit, it's recommended that you leave your lamp on all of the time. You will need to decide if this is a safe option for you. If you turn them off for an extended period of time, they tend to 'leak' moisture, so if you're going away, wrap your lamp in some plastic, then pull it back out when you get home. 

Do you have a himalayan salt lamp in your house or work place? I'd love you to share your thoughts on their benefits, and what your experience has been like in the comments section below.