It's about you : The story behind my brand

A brand is very much an extension of self, so it is crucial to know your ‘why’ before you engage a creative process.
— Heidi Lakin

Investing in my new brand was something I was excited about, but it also made me nervous.

Just like Heidi, I believed that in order to create the brand I was dreaming of, it needed to be an extension of me. What I do as a coach is so deeply engaged in me as a person, unlike other career paths I’ve taken, there’s no separation. I don’t need to put-on, and take-off a hat when I walk into my office.

I’m the same.
What I do is me.

And it’s for this very reason that I knew my brand had to represent me, my clients and the likeness between us. 

Because if it didn’t, it wouldn’t connect, and chances are you wouldn’t be here.

My purpose is to inspire and empower women to live their truth, and without a platform that connects, that wouldn’t happen. So it’s fair to say this whole brand thing is kind of a big deal to me.

I had ideas, but nothing concrete and I wanted to find a creative who would take them on, and run with them. And boy, did Heidi do that.

I found her through Squarespace who recommended Heidi as an expert with the platform. And on a side note, I LOVE Squarespace. I’ve used it from day dot, and have no plans on changing anytime soon (or ever).

After a day of insta stalking, and devouring Heidi’s website(s) Heidi Lakin, Blussh and Straight & Marrow, I knew we were Soul Sisters. No question, I had to work with her.

After a funny, almost crazy moment (I tried so hard to play it cool, but that is not my strong suit), Heidi agreed to take on my project.

It wasn’t the project so much as the beautiful person behind the project that grabbed me. I just saw something in her, and this is through pictures and words mind you, that connected with me... I do my best work when I am inspired by the meaning behind a project.
— Heidi Lakin

And so we embarked on creating a brand ‘tapestry’ that told the story of love and personal growth.

When I reflect back on my initial direction to Heidi, it's clear to see that this really was a starting point, and the brand grew from there, into something completely different to where I first thought it was going.

This is a huge lesson in trust, letting go and embracing each moment as it unfolds.

Heidi really took the time to understand me, and you –my tribe– and she created something more amazing than what I had hoped for. And if I hadn’t of trusted her and given her the space to be authentically her, and live her purpose, it may never have come to life they way it did.

So what does it all mean? I asked Heidi to explain the concept behind the brand in her words …

Kate Caddle is honest. She is open, ambitious, discerning and willing to swim upstream. She is intricate yet chases a simplicity – truth and freedom. This, and the very notion of what she does –her ‘why’ in life– was the essence I wanted to capture when designing the brand.
The main message of the brand had to be about ‘Unleashing Your Brilliance.’ This message is all about the fact that Kate strengthens women, helps them grow, brings out the best in them, draws out the beauty that is there all along. This was represented by the idea of leaves + artistic patterns and colours woven throughout, showing the stunning beauty being revealed as Kate champions along side women. This also tied into the fact that Kate is very much inspired by nature. 
 I see the brand as more of a tapestry that dynamically tells the story of Kate and her purpose. It isn’t just a one-dimensional thing. It is a journey, a spirited embodiment of what Kate is and all that she does. It weaves together significant elements that all represent really important aspects of herself and her work.
And it has the room to grow and evolve in that the patterns can take on a life of their own, being woven through many more leaves to come (many more lives to be positively changed). It shares the exciting message that every leaf is different, beautiful in its own right, with its own story to tell and its own intricate pattern to shine forth. And Kate get’s to be the catalyst for that.

What a beautiful person, talented artist and total gem Heidi is. 

If there's anything I'd love you to remember about my new brand it's this, the leaves are you, as they are me.

Individual, intricatley filled with beauty, and absolutely perfect – just as mother-nature made them.

What lies within, is your goddess; your true self. And when you embrace this, you're finally allowing yourself to Unleash your Brilliance.

If you would like to chat to Heidi about your project, don’t be shy, I know she would love to hear about your love laden mission for change, and how you’re planning to do it! But, baby is on the way, so Heidi is taking bookings from April 2016 onwards. You can visit Heidi here.

The beautiful leaf pattern was created by from friend Sophie from Peppa Hart.  And under the direction of Heidi, Tammie is the genius behind all of my beautiful new imagery. I was totally blessed with an insanely talented team!