smoothies v juices - who wins?

I don't blame you if you're confused about who wins the smoothie V juice debate. There is way too much information available, and unfortunately a lot of it is backed by companies, which spells big budget marketing dollars - enter nutri-bullet dude. My first lesson? Do you own research, and take notice of where your information is coming from. This is TRES IMPORTANTE!

So today I want to simplify things. I'm going to give you my take on what's awesome about smoothies and juices, plus my top tips on getting the most out of each.  If anything is unclear, or you have questions, pop a comment below this post, and I'll get back to you. And on a side note, no marketing dollars, collaborations or any companies are invested in this post. It's all me baby! 


For distinguishing the difference, I'm going to refer to them as super-smoothies. Why? Because all those meal replacement 'smoothies', the get-skinny-quick and only-eat-one-meal-a-week-'smoothies' are so different. That is not what I'm referring to!  I'm referring to the nutrient dense, fresh produce filled, green goodness super-smoothies that are packed with so much nutrition you'd probably reap benefits from being in their precense. (I can't guarantee it, but someone should totally do a study on that!) 

I like smoothies for breakfast, morning tea or with a big salad for lunch. 

A couple of my top tips 

  • Go easy on the fruit - You should include at least 2 pieces of veg/salad to each piece of fruit. 
  • Drink them straight away for maximum benefit or store in an airtight container (I like Ball Mason jars) for a couple of hours. 
  • Choose organic ingredients whenever possible - your body will love you for it 
  • Make your smoothie super, with add in's like maca, spirulina, hemp seeds, bee pollen, cacao, acai, mesquite and maqui.
  • Stay clear of protein power. Generally they're full of chemicals, and are not natural. If you're looking for protein from your smoothie, add hemp seeds or spirulina. 
  • Play with the use of nut milks, rice milk, coconut water etc to find combos and flavours you love!
  • Freeze ripe bananas and mangos to have on hand. They make your smoothies even creamier when they're frozen! 

Smoothies are a great way to make a quick and nutritious meal on the go. They leave you feeling full, and fill your body with goodness. For recipes, grab a copy of my e-book. 


Just like smoothies I want to be clear what I mean when I say juice. I'm talking homemade, fresh, mostly vegetable juice. No added sugar, fillers or weird chemicals, just perfectly perfect as nature provides it to us. 

Different to smoothies, juices are more of a drink, not a meal in a drink. They are incredibly satisfying, but they aren't considered to be 'food'. Instead think of it a beautiful nutrient elixir. An express ticket of goodness right into your body. In fact, it only takes about 15 minutes for your body to soak up of the goodness from your fresh juice and put it to use within your body. This makes juice easy on your digestive system, giving it a break while still getting the goodness. 

If you tried to eat 8 carrots in one sitting, it's safe to say that you would probably be over it in a heart beat - even if you love carrots like me! But drinking 8 carrots is soooo easy! 

My top tips for juicing 

  • ONLY JUICE ORGANIC - This is so important! Juicing is an express ticket to your blood stream, if you choose conventional, you are sending a huge does of chemical straight in to your blood. It's my opinion that if you can't juice organic, you're better off not to juice at all. 
  • Invest in a good juicer - Right now Mike and I use a stock standard masticating juicer. They're not the best option, but we work with it for now. If you've got the money I suggest investing in a cold pressed juicer. Rather than munching the juice, these guys are a lot more gentle. As the name suggests, they press the juice out, keeping the molecular structure intact, and leaving the most goodness in your juice. From my experience, they taste better too. 
  • Just like smoothies, go easy on the sugar. I usually choose beetroot, a green apple or an orange to add for sweetness, as they are lower in sugar and easier on your tummy than other fruits. I also notice if I have a juice with lots of sugar, my mouth become sensitive, almost like I've eaten something really hot.
  • Drink as much as you like! But consider using a straw - especially if you're juicing carrots (or beetroot) , your teeth will turn a nice share of orange. I use a stainless steel one, but also have paper straws on hand. 
  • Fresh juice helps to cleanse your tummy, and is great for clearing your liver. When you start juicing you might notice some detoxing effects. This is good! You're helping your body to clear out the toxins, and making way for better health. 

I love juicing, my favourite combo is carrots, orange and ginger, and I drink it almost every day! 

So are you feeling any clearer? Still can't decide what's better? Well guess what? Neither is better than the other.

Like you wouldn't compare a quinoa salad to a watermelon, you can't compare smoothies and juice.
Each has it's own important role in wellness.

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What's your take on smoothies and juice's, and what do you like most about each? I'd love you to share your thoughts and favourite recipes below. Lets help keep each other motivated, by offering fresh new ideas!