are you an angry preaching hippy? i was.

Not so long ago, when I begun my wellness journey, I remember feeling excited and shocked at the things I was learning. It was blowing my mind how much we aren’t taught, and how much is hidden from us about food and wellbeing. I remember learning about how addictive sugar was, and being totally blow away. How does the general public not know this? And how is it ok to sell this stuff?

So I made it my mission to share this information with everyone that I love. I had to tell them everything, they needed this information so that they too could learn the truth, and start living well. But I was quite shocked when my information was met with strange looks, defensive comebacks and sometimes nasty reactions.

I vividly remember sharing my findings on immunisation with my mum, who I’m incredibly close to. Her reaction was so aggressive that I ended up in tears. My mother is the kindest, most gentle and loving woman I have ever met, especially to her children! I was shocked and hurt.

I was really struggling to see the people I love doing things that I knew were detrimental to their health.

I quickly became defensive of my lifestyle, and was quite aggressive in what I was sharing.

In their eyes I had become an 'angry preaching hippy'. Why would they listen to what I had to say? 

So I there my hands in the air, and took a step back. 

What happened next was pretty damn cool. Slowly but surely, I noticed changes. The people around me were asking me questions, I spotted them at the organic market, at yoga and cooking whole foods.

So what happened?

I learnt a really valuable lesson…

Rather than telling people what to do, I allowed them to work it out for themselves.  

By minding my own business, and attending to my own health, the people around me were able to see me as someone who was thriving , rather than an angry girl who was forcing them to question everything they knew.

They were able to take their own journey to wellness in their own time, rather than being forced into it.

I’d love you to think about how you’re sharing the things you learn with the people around you. Are you forcing information down their throats, or are you leading by example?

This isn’t about being high and mighty, it’s about living your truth, and naturally people will be drawn to that.

And now? My dad packs organic smoothies and cold pressed vegetable juice in his car fridge, to drink on the job site. My mum makes raw treats and drops them to my house, and my brother loves coming to organic vegan restaurants with me.

They're each having their own perfect journey, and my only role within that, is to support them with love. But I've also learnt to allow them to do the same for me. 

I’d love to hear your experience with this in the comments section below, or send me an email hello(at)

How have your family and friends been receptive to the changes in your life? Remember this is a place to share our experiences with each other; your words might be just what someone else needs to read today!