7 tips for keeping your meals nourishing when life gets busy

Over the past few months I've gone from flexible self employed, to working four days a week for someone else (with structured hours) and studying. Although I love how my life is changing, adjustment is tricky. I am a taurus after all! For years I've been able to chop veggies for dinner while I make lunch and bring in washing before it rains. 

I've had to learn new ways of managing life, so that both Mike and I stay on track, especially with food. I am still making my way through this change, but each week we seem to be getting better at our new routine. 

Here are my top tips for keeping your meals nourishing, when you're on a tight schedule...

Plan ahead

I'm all for intuitive eating, but when no one gets home until after 7pm, time is tight. On a Saturday I like to write a meal plan, for dinners and breakfasts for the week. Then I write a shopping list for the markets on Sunday. It then gets stuck on the fridge. Whether it's Mike or I who's home first, we know what's for dinner and can get started. 

Be organised

Have a routine for shopping, and stick to it. Although you might not feel like getting up and going to the food market on a Sunday morning, you'll thank yourself all week for it. Preparation is key! If you're like me, you eat often. Think this through, and have plenty of options to snack on. Fruit, veggie sticks with hommus or avocado, raw treats, boiled eggs (if you're not vegan). 

Make extra 

Leftovers make the best lunches! Cook extra for dinner and take it to work the next day. I choose not to re-heat my food in the microwave - it always taste yummy cold anyway! If you're lucky enough to have a stove top or oven at work, use this to your advantage! 

Use your slow cooker 

Oh how I've made friends with our slow cooker! I'm not a huge fan of having a different appliance for every possible thing I want to do in the kitchen, but I am a fan of figuring out what works. While I make my breakfast, I throw in a bunch of veggies, some fresh herbs, lentils - whatever we've got! When I walk in the door after work not only does the house smell amazing, dinner is almost done! I use our slow cooker for soups, stews, dahl, tomato based pasta sauces etc 

Make raw treats in bulk 

The great thing about raw treats, is that they can be frozen. Each Sunday, cook a double batch of something, and freeze half. Within a couple of weeks you'll have a great supply of different options. Just remember to eat them within about 6 weeks of freezing. 

Pack your lunch the night before 

While you prepare dinner, prepare your lunch as well. You might like to pre-prepare some quinoa to add to each night. Or make yourself a yummy salad with roast veggies. While you're already in the kitchen cooking, it's a lot easier to make then, rather than get everything out again in the morning. Plus, who doesn't love an extra 15 minutes in the morning? 

Go to your mums 

When I'm feeling swamped I reach for help and go to my parents place for dinner! They're always happy to have Mike and I, and I know we'll both have a really yummy meal. Who doesn't love mums cooking? Plus I get to hang out with my beautiful family, which breaks up the working week too! If you're family don't eat the same way you do, maybe you have a friend or other family member who would love to have you for dinner on your busiest day each week? Don't be afraid to ask! 

What do you do to make sure you stay on track with your eating while you're swamped with work, wife-ing, and your own personal life? I'd love you to share your comments in the section below or send me an email and share your thoughts!

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