how to unlock your inner goddess


There aren’t many things I love more than getting together with a group of girlfriends and chatting about life, embracing our feminine energy – uplifting each other. The energy I feel after vibrating on that higher level with amazing women is so freakin cool!  But as a collective, we have lost that amazing feminie energy that for so long, was a sacred part of life.

So where did it go and why do we need it? Life is all about balance. Yin and Yang. Black and white. Masculine and Feminine. But our lives have become dominated by masculine energy. Not by men, but by the masculine traits, of strength, power and control. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these energies, but as I said it’s all about balance.

If you’re a woman, you know how easy it is for your life to become full. Work, home life, exercise, self care, preparing meals, family, friends – and naturally this busyness lends itself to the masculine energies I spoke about above. Balancing this out with the beautiful feminine energies of calm, nurture and warmth, is essential for balance not only in your life, but in those around you, and for the world!

Here are my top tips for welcoming your inner goddess and cultivating an energy balance ...

1. Join an uplifting female group or start your own

Together you could chat about life, share beautiful food, enjoy a group mediation, visit sacred sites like waterfalls and support each other through amazing goddess like moments like pregnancy and child birth. A great example of an amazing female get together is Soul Sister Circle.

2. Call on your goddess guide

Practice affirmations like ‘I call on my inner goddess to come forward. Guide me through this moment’. Welcome that part of yourself forward!

3. Meditate to receive

Sometimes we meditate to ground ourselves, but in this case, meditate on feminine energy. Open yourself up to receive and welcome it to you.

4. Do a ladies only restorative yoga class, or host your own!

One of my FAVOURITE things to do is a night time restorative yoga class in a room full of women. Essentially is about stretching, opening and deep breath. Often I find myself closing my eyes for the whole class, really soaking up all the female goodness.

5. Treat your goddess

Take a bath, book a massage or practice self massage. Light a candle, read a book. Whatever it is that makes you feel beautiful, do more of it. Welcome that gentle calm into your weekly routines.

6. Honour your cycle

Instead of fighting your menstrual cycle, embrace it. Notice how amazing your body is and what your beautiful feminine energy is doing every month. Be particularly gentle with yourself around the beginning of your cycle when your body is shedding the old. This is a time for quite peaceful restoration.

7. Notice the moon

A huge percentage of our body is water, and like large bodies of water we are controlled by the moon and its phases. Observe how the moon phases make you feel. My cycle works like clockwork with the moon, to the point that I have no need to count days, because it’s always spot on! Take notice, you might be surprised just how in tune you are with the divine goddess ’mother nature’.

How do you connect with your inner goddess? I’d love you to share your heart felt thoughts below. Let’s build a conversation on empowering each other!